Author page: Mediajel Production Team

The Liquid Lounge with Carlos Frias of Green Lotus Brands

Today, our co-founder and President, Aaron Silverman, is joined live in the MediaJel studio by co-founder and CEO of Green Lotus Brands, Carlos Frias. In the episode, the pair talk shop and Carlos shares his whirlwind journey as a cannabis entrepreneur, starting with a single hemp company co-founded by his brother, Alex, that in three and half years has become a publicly traded company on the OTCQB. FRLF.  Their lines of CBD products are sold across the United States, and in Mexico!

The Liquid Lounge with Jen Price of MediaJEL

In this episode, brought to you by Hoop Beauty, our co-founder and President, Aaron Silverman, is joined by MediaJel’s new VP of Communications, Jen Price. Jen tells the story of how her personal and professional journey led her to cannabis and CBD public relations. Jen shares her first-hand experience with how CBD helped her daughter treat her rare, previously untreatable, health condition, and how that led them to start a CBD company of their own.