Rock 420 This Year—All Month Long

It’s 2020—which means that 420 lasts a glorious 30 days. If you aren’t planning on taking advantage of this fun fact, then prepare to lose some sales to the competition.

Here’s the thing: a month of 420 is novel, and it won’t happen again for another hundred years. Take advantage of the timing and invest in digital marketing to share your awesome deals and events with your soon-to-be-very-happy customers.

Rock 420 This Year—All Month Long

We’re going to cover a lot in this article, including how to craft deals your customers will want to take advantage of, creating memorable 420 events, and, perhaps most importantly, how to promote what you’re doing so that you’re reaching your demographic.

Create Tantalizing Offers

Go big or go home?

Well, almost.

You don’t have to give everything away, but you do want to create compelling offers that drive people to your store. You’ll also want to differentiate your dispensary so customers know to come to you and not the shop down the street.

Keep it Fresh

Plenty of us reach for our favorite strains and brands time and time again, but there’s something pretty great about trying a new-to-you strain or brand. Offer deals to help draw interest to your new products and make sure to share why someone should give it a try. Yes, five dollars off of a cart is great, but providing more info about why the product is awesome helps to make the deal more tempting.

For example:
“Brand X’s new strain Strawberries & CocoPuffs has a high-THC and linalool content that will help you relax in the moment and melt away stress. Plus, it’s great for pain relief and inducing sleep. Take $5 off when you try it today.”

Give Them More of What They Love

Your POS and loyalty program are collecting some great data—use it to offer personalized deals that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

For example:
If your data shows that a subset of your customers prefers Pax pods to other consumption methods, you can send them a text to let them know you have new ones in stock. Or if they haven’t visited in a while, you can send them a text with a discount on their items.

Bundle to Make Space

Have some product that’s not moving as quickly as you like? Bundle it together to make a great deal and increase interest.
Maybe there’s a high-CBD strain that tends to gather dust. Instead of just cleaning it off every few weeks, bundle it with a high-THC strain and share the benefits of using the two in tandem.

420 events merchandising


OK, this isn’t about a discount, but it is a big deal.

Keeping your store layout the same can help customers feel at home, but it isn’t the best idea for a retail shop.

Think about the last time you went to your favorite clothing shop. It probably looked different than it did the previous time you visited. That’s because retailers purposefully move product around to create interest. They know that displaying items in a certain way can draw more attention and increase the likelihood of a sale.

They also know that some customers like buying things as they are. For example, some customers will purchase the entire outfit a mannequin is sporting. They don’t want to have to coordinate pieces themselves and like that it’s already done for them.

Use this retail knowledge to increase your units per transaction and your average transaction total. Move things around so that customers see something new when they stop by. Put items that go well together next to each other to drum up interest and increase the likelihood that they’ll be purchased together. Have things newbies love? Or that tourists always want? Put them together! And if you’re running low on something, switch it out for something you have plenty of.

Clothing retailers do this to some extent every day. While dispensaries can only do so much because of how products must be out of reach, you can still shift visible elements like signage and marketing materials around to draw attention to the products you want to highlight.


Rock 420 This Year—All Month Long
Not every dispensary has the space to hold events, but don’t let that limit you. Vendor meet and greets, concerts, open mic nights, and educational events are all a great way to drive traffic to your dispensary—just make sure that the event you hold is in line with your target demographic’s interests.

If you can’t hold an event at your dispensary, find a partner that will let you hold an event on their premises. You can host a high yoga class, share how to cook with cannabis, or talk about pain and cannabis with patients. Want to make life easy for your customers? Why not invite some food trucks by? Really, the sky’s the limit as long as you’re working withing your demo’s interests and you promote your event well.

Ok, we’ve talked about deals and events. Now, how can you maximize your plans and make sure you get as high of a return as possible?

Promote, Promote, Promote

Rock 420 This Year—All Month Long
420 is a big deal, make sure to promote your events and deals or you’ll get left behind.

Cannabis is a product and it does not sell itself. If you want to drive more foot traffic to your store—and keep those customers coming back—you have to market your dispensary.

And yet, cannabis advertising is pretty regulated. In many places, you can’t do billboards and radio ads are a no-go. The best way to remain compliant is to leverage digital marketing to engage with your target audience and nurture your current customer relationships.

First: Know Your Demographic

As an agency serving dispensaries in the US and Canada, there’s one thing we hear pretty often when it comes to target audiences. “Oh, our target audience is everyone.”

Here’s why that’s not true.

For starters, not everyone uses cannabis, so making your target audience “everyone” means you’re casting too wide of a net. That means you’ll be spending more money than you need to and spreading it too thinly. Add to that the fact that not everyone uses cannabis for the same reasons or via the same methods. Each of these factors helps create segments, and those segmented portions, when combined with demographic data like location, age, income, etc., help make up your target audience.

If you’re in Santa Rosa, maybe your target audience is 20 to 30-year-olds who are looking for inexpensive cannabis that can be used discreetly and who are located within a 15-mile radius. Or maybe it’s 30 to 40-year-olds with disposable income that want to incorporate cannabis into their wellness routines. You’ll likely have multiple target audiences, but even then, it won’t be “everyone.”

Once you know who you’re trying to attract, then you can create advertisements that will appeal to those individuals.

Digital Marketing Tools to Promote Your 420 Sales and 420 Events

420 events digital marketing tools
At MediaJel, we’re all about making life easier for dispensaries. We’ve created four main service areas that maximize the tactics available to dispensaries in order to get a high return for our clients. We’re always monitoring progress so we can make adjustments as necessary and increase the effectiveness of every campaign.


If you want to show up when people search “420 events near me,” you need to start optimizing your event page and blog posts. SEO is a crucial component of a sound digital marketing plan, but it takes a while to build high-quality, organic traffic. Once you know you’re having an event, it’s time to start promoting it on your website and optimizing it accordingly.

Google Ads

Pay-per-click ads like Google Ads are great for boosting traffic. By creating an ad that appeals to your target audience and leads them to a landing page for your 420 events, you can draw more attention to your events and sales and get more people through your doors.


Get your ads in front of your target demographic the easy way. No need to check with websites and apps as to whether they’ll accept dispensary ads—we’ve done the hard work.

When combined with geo-targeting and geo-fencing, you can create laser-focused campaigns that appeal to your customer base.


Don’t forget your loyal customers! SMS or text marketing is a great way to nurture your relationship with your customers. Share your upcoming deals and 420 events and personalize your messages through segmentation to make them even more appealing.

Don’t want to send plain texts? Take your text game up a notch with MMS. With no character limit, MMS can help you present the details of your sale or event in a more dynamic format. Catch their eye, and then their business.

So how are you going to make this 420 the best one yet? Let’s talk about how we can help put your dispensary front and center. Call us at 925-393-0444.