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Cannabis billboard advertising
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Goodbye to Cannabis Billboard Advertising?

Cannabis Billboard Advertising If you drive down a highway in a state where medical or adult-use cannabis is allowed, you’ll probably come across cannabis billboard advertising at some point. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to reach a large number of people. Unfortunately, it’s not a very targeted way to get […]

Get More Sales Cannabis Menu
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Get More Sales From Your Dispensary Website

Boosting Your Website’s Conversion Rate Getting more sales from your dispensary website is all about boosting your conversion rate. A website’s conversion rate is the rate at which it is able to convert visitors into paying customers. Not every person that visits your website will be ready to buy. That’s […]

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4 Geofencing Strategies To Get Your Campaign Started with a Bang

Geotargeting People in Your Neighborhood The most common, and perhaps most effective, geofencing strategy is to target people in your dispensary’s neighborhood. By targeting potential customers in your neighborhood, you are ensuring that the people most likely to purchase from your retail storefront are aware of its existence. Moreover, local […]

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Geo-Advertising: What It Is and Why You Need It

How Does Geo-advertising Work? Geo-advertising works by showing ads and impressions to mobile users in specific geographic locations. Sometimes also known as local PPC, geo-advertising uses location-targeted ads to advertise to local prospects. To geotarget your ads, consider some geographic locations that may contain large concentrations of potential customers. The […]


Our passion for the cannabis business community combined with our love of innovative digital marketing drove us to architect and custom-build our proprietary platform. And our goal is that the MarTech and cannabis industry resources included in this library will help elevate the digital marketing and advertising conversation for regulated industries. We hope you visit us here often!

Geo-Advertising  |  Mobile Marketing

How to Use Geo-Ads Effectively During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How Can You Normally Use Dispensary Geo-Ads? Geo-Ads are great for driving traffic to a specific landing page, such as your delivery page, your online menu, or your deals page. There are three different practices we focus on when using Geo-Ads. The first is geo-fencing, which is the use of […]

Push Notifications
Digital Marketing  |  Mobile Marketing

Push Notifications and How They Drive Traffic

Push Notifications: What They Are We live in a digital environment filled with notifications: Dings, pop-ups, chat windows and other attention-getting bubbles seem to clog nearly every website these days. These little notifications can drive conversions. But there’s a catch: To be targeted by one of them, you need to […]

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Why Marijuana Delivery Service Marketing is Key

What is Marijuana Delivery Service Marketing? Because dispensaries and marijuana delivery services are limited in how they can advertise (and because these regulations vary by jurisdiction), the most effective marketing for these types of businesses is digital marketing. Under the digital marketing umbrella, there is a variety of high-ROI tactics […]

Geo-Advertising  |  Mobile Marketing

How Display Ads and Geofencing Can Get You More Sales

What Is GeoFencing? Geofencing is the practice of placing virtual walls (digital ‘fences’) around specific geographic areas in order to target advertisements more accurately. Basically, it lets your dispensary serve up mobile ads to potential customers who are on their phones in a particular area (your fenced area). Instead of […]

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