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Experience the AdTech platform custom-built for regulated
Digital Marketing, Display Advertising, Paid Search, and SEO

Full-Funnel Digital Marketing

We are revolutionizing Cannabis Digital Marketing and Advertising. Discover how we help engage consumers, build brands, increase traffic, and drive sales.

  • Optimize consumer experiences at each point along the digital buyer’s journey with integrated and compliant Display Advertising, Paid Search, and SEO
  • Safely target and engage real cannabis consumers across every device, media channel, and geography
  • Right Message. Right Time. Right Channel.

Data-Driven, People-Powered

Optimize campaign performance, drive positive ROAS, and report results with multi-touch attribution.

  • Real-time Triggers – Customize ad placements to Local & Live Events, Sports scores, Weather, etc.
  • Actionable Performance Insights – Predictive Viewability, Completion Rate, CTR & KPI Boosters
  • Self-Service Dashboard – Up-to-date metrics and useful, transparent data at your fingertips

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Proprietary contextual targeting tools ensure every ad is displayed exactly where it belongs…every time.

  • Precision Geofencing – Safely serve hyper-local ads using highly targeted geofencing and location data
  • Re-Targeting – Increase conversions with sequential messaging: re-engage visitors, spur repeat shoppers
  • Relevant & Receptive – Contextually appropriate ad inventory with 100+ customer targeting segments

Omnichannel Ad Network

Benefit from our direct access to the world’s largest private ad garden of mainstream media and digital channels. Never compromise on safety or scale!

  • Device & Environment – Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, CTV, OTT, VOD, Game Consoles, Audio, DooH
  • Brand Safety – Unrelenting commitment to #1 Traffic Quality, Ad Quality, and Compliance
  • Superior Depth & Unrivaled Reach – Target and engage across activities and throughout the day

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