3 Deep Questions

How to start a cannabis business in Colorado

EP05: 3 Deep Questions with Darren Lampert of GrowGeneration Corp

MediaJEL TV presents Three Deep Questions, recorded at MJ BizCon 2018 in Las Vegas, hosted by Merida Capital Partner Mitch Baruchowitz. In this episode he interviews Darren Lampert of Grow Generation, and discusses starting a business in Colorado, growing to multi-state operation, medicinal vs. recreational licenses, Research and Development at large growing facilities, and the demand for experienced horticulturalists in the newly legalized states.

What are some of the difficulties of Hiring Employees in Cannabis

EP04: 3 Deep Questions with Karson Humiston of Vangst

MediaJEL TV presents Three Deep Questions, recorded live from Las Vegas, hosted by Merida Capital’s Managing Partner Mitch Baruchowitz. In this episode, he interviews Karson Humiston of Vangst and discusses the difficulty of hiring employees in an emerging industry, the need for chemists, engineers, and farmers to transition into the new industry, and the high demand for budtenders, farmers, executives, and scientists.

Digital Agencies in cannabis are growing rapidly, how is MediaJel positioned

EP03: 3 Deep Questions with Giadha Aguirre De Carcer of New Frontier Data

MediaJEL TV presents Three Deep Questions, with Host Mitch Baruchowitz of Merida Capital Partners recorded at MJ BizCon in Las Vegas. In this episode, Mitch interviews Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, founder and CEO of New Frontier Data. Together they discuss the growth of the cannabis industry and emergence of digital companies in the space, as well as the insight that big data is playing in discovering consumer archetypes.

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