Case Study


Newly optimized local landing pages gained a significant number of new, quality referring domains thanks to our strategic link building efforts. Organic direction requests climbed 47% year-over-year, bringing in a total of over 15,000 potential in-store customers.

Who Is Origins?

Sean Miller had a major concern that he came to MediaJel with: how to expand this exclusively brick-and-mortar business into the digital space? Sean recognized the landscape was drastically evolving, and he was concerned with the legalization of cannabis, that the competition might reduce company profits. As he suddenly found himself competing with dozens of local retailers, Sean realized that if he didn’t act more aggressively, Origins would be out of business. Ready to transform his business, Sean decided he needed industry experts to guide the effort.

Our Solution

With the business’s future at stake, Sean started working with MediaJel to build a new business strategy around multi-channel, fully integrated digital marketing campaigns, with a focus on achieving 100% brand visibility from a local SEO perspective. 

To make this dream a reality, two specific goals needed to be met: increasing in-store traffic, and boosting overall brand visibility in the local SERPs. To begin, MediaJel guided Origins Cannabis through an overhaul of their local landing pages, which included conducting research into the community, local events, exclusive 

collections, and unique services. With this information, MediaJel developed keyword-rich static content for the store locations. We also created a custom link building strategy that was designed to target industry specific websites and boost the Origins Cannabis reputation within the cannabis landscape. Two new on-site channels were also built to draw more visitors, engage them, and drive them into stores: a beautiful blog full of posts about the local communities, and an educational section of the site to help customers understand the cannabis world better.  

The Results

Through optimized landing pages, timely blog posts, and an education section, Origins Cannabis drew searchers to the site and then to stores.

SEO Tactics Attracted Over 15k Store Visitors


Increase in local pack searches for individual stores


YoY increase in organic requests for directions


Increase in local stores’ first position local pack rankings

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