It’s no secret that cannabis brands and retailers face roadblocks when it comes to marketing. It’s what makes us agile and innovative. We’re constantly creating the future and finding solutions that let us evolve in a rapidly changing landscape.

The cannabis industry continues to grow by billions of dollars each year despite being challenged by changing regulations, and limited access to advertising service, technology and customer insight.

Up until a few years ago, cannabis brands would focus on traditional media, magazines and, in some cases, could get away with buying ads on buses and billboards. The problem with a lot of these traditional methods available to cannabis brands is that they don’t allow you to measure results. Companies spend a large amount of money and hope for a small half a percent or one per cent return on your investment from a conversion standpoint.

The cannabis industry itself has evolved to the point where it can appreciate the benefits of new media and mainstream marketing.

Old methods are more of a broad “spray and pray” approach, whereas now we can hyper-focus and target the exact customer through predictive mobile advertising.

MediaJel is a data-driven digital advertising company that lets marketers build powerful and distinct relationships through predictive mobile advertising. Here is how we’re helping cannabis brands jump the fence and capture a new mindshare in the emerging cannabis marketplace:

Go beyond Geofencing to Geoframe, based on adjacent lifestyles and intent.

A geofence is a virtual fence or a perimeter around a physical location. Marketers use geofencing to serve an ad to someone within an area in real-time. It’s a powerful tool to connect the virtual experience with the customer’s real world experience. However, knowing where your customers are is only one piece of the puzzle. Our next-generation geospatial intelligence goes beyond geofencing to connect adjacent lifestyles, movement and behavior to more precisely target your qualified audiences on the move.  

We’re able to work with clients to understand who their buyer is. We create audience profiles specific to our clients’ brands and products, and find out where those qualified prospects have been based on their adjacent lifestyle habits and where they spend their time.  The better insight on adjacent lifestyles of your unique future cannabis customer allows us to build more vivid, detailed and accurate customer profiles than ever before and serve them ads at any point in time.

The world’s “largest cannabis audience” just got bigger.

A number of digital platforms have been created to successfully connect cannabis brands with the active cannabis consumer and to inform the consumers of different products, strains and cannabis news. There is still a significant barrier to reaching outside this active customer base and reaching the future customer of cannabis. That could be the soccer moms, the baby boomers, and now more than ever, athletes and wellness-minded consumers.

MediaJel has blasted through the gates of that virtual cannabis shopping mall and into the mainstream where the future customer is living. With our extensive IP and aggregated data on “green-light” marketing channels outside of the cannabis industry, we know better than anyone how and where to advertise cannabis products in the digital space. This lets us place mobile ads in the exact same places you might see an ad for brands like Sephora, Walmart or the NFL.

Get in first.

Bypass the competition and capture the mindshare of the large, untapped and growing customer base.

Cannabis is going mainstream, and it’s a clear blue ocean out there. Right now is the best time to acquire customers’ mindshare in the emerging market. By nearly every metric, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries to emerge in the United States since emergence of broadband Internet access. Can you imagine being a cable TV provider in 1990 and only marketing to people who already had cable?

Right now, brand loyalty has yet to be established in the consumer market by any one brand. The ones that are popular have been packaged well, readily available and sold at trusted locations, but the playing field continues to be reset. There are going to be more and more trusted locations with more and more well-packaged products and experiences that offer the reliability that the consumer is searching for. There will be other x-factors involved with how the free market decides who wins. And therein lies the fun part of marketing. We get to try and figure out what those factors are, to whom they will be important, go out and find them, then tell those customers about your brands and products.

It’s time to focus on the future cannabis products customer because that is where the opportunity lies, not just for growth in revenue, but for true innovation in this space.

Faster, better digital marketing.

Spend less money and get better results for mobile advertising.

At our core, we have a passion for helping cannabis brands and retailers finally leverage mainstream marketing tactics to better reach their consumer and see a measurable return on their marketing dollar.

Cannabis brands and businesses – more than anybody else – have been confined to the pasture of traditional media, whereas now you can go beyond that pasture to find your ideal customers and tap into the emerging cannabis marketplace. Now you can actually learn if your ad campaign was successful based on analytics provided back to you digitally. It’s this level of measurable results, insight and more focused engagement with the right customer that will set brands apart as the cannabis industry continues to mature and expand.

Your Audience Is Out There.
We Can Connect You With Them.

Programmatic Advertising is a great tool for brand awareness.

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