On today’s episode, MediaJel’s co-founder and our host, Aaron Silverman, invites the founder and CEO of Hanu Labs, Seibo Shen, for a live conversation in the MediaJel studio. Seibo walks Aaron through Hanu Lab’s ethos, fast food convenience with a fine dining experience, and explains how it led to the development of the Stone, Hanu Lab’s vaporizer that looks and feels like a riverstone. The pair also covers Hanu Lab’s other product, the Exhale EVO, a vaporizer built for dabs. Enjoy a conversation that covers favorite strains, jiu jistu and getting choked.


Interested in Hanu Labs, New West Summit or High Rollerz? Here are their websites for more information:

Hanu Labs: https://hanulabs.com/

New West Summit: https://newwestsummit.com/

High Rollerz: https://highrollerz.com/



(01:22:47:10 – 01:23:25:14) High Rollerz I – Gi Jiu Jitsu by HIGH ROLLERZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_kuX…