That was one for
the history books

That was one
for the
history books

Mediatropolis: Adventures in Jeltopia is complete, and thanks to everyone who came out, it was a smashing success. For a single night, we made our vision of the future a reality. Thank you for being a part of it.

Thank you to our platinum partner

as well as our VIP partners 


for helping us bring Mediatropolis to life

The sights of the future

We spent New West Summit envisioning the future of marketing and advertising in cannabis with the industry’s trailblazers, and the walls of Mediatropolis came alive with commercials and video footage. We used Mediatropolis to capture visions of a future that’s our’s for the shaping. Watch the highlights below to travel back in time to Mediatropolis and 1000 years into the future. 


The night of the future

Mediatropolis was more than a vision. It was a celebration. We ate, drank, consumed and danced into tomorrow. Journey through our album of the moments that made Mediatropolis.

The vibes of the future

The music of the past, present and future rang through the halls of Mediatropolis and through the veins of those who were there. Transport yourself to the dancefloor with the official Mediatropolis mixes.

Future past


Danceable beats to move your feet and smoke that treat.

Retro Dreamscapes

By Scotch Robin

Grab your favorite dream inducer and glide into a retro futuristic universe with this mix!

Afro future VIBES


That bounce from around the planet… Damit!

The signs of the future

Take Mediatropolis with you. Download our digital posters.


Welcome to the Jungle

above the future

Eyes up

I-media Robot

Intelligence Made Real

Join the future

Mediatropolis was just the beginning. Join today for updates on our work and to watch the future of cannabis take shape.

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