Supercharge your traffic and increase sales quickly

Supercharge your traffic and increase sales quickly

Google Ads

Score the top spot on Google with a targeted Google Ads campaign powered by the industry’s leading machine learning platform. Our platform scours the internet for the information we need to create the highest converting ads to drive more customers to your cannabis dispensary website.

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The Power of AI

Ever wished you could supercharge your marketing efforts? Using cutting-edge tools like real-time historical performance analysis and instant bid adjustment, our Google Ads helps us create higher converting ads engineered to score you sales.

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Google search remains the most popular way to find nearby dispensaries. These “dispensary near me” searches almost always lead to store visits.
If you aren’t using all of the features of dispensary mobile ads, then you’re leaving sales on the table. By targeting specific locations to show your ads to potential customers, you can increase the likelihood that they’ll engage with your menu or stop by your shop.
With MediaJel’s machine learning software, you can create Google Ads campaigns that take into account current trends, weather patterns, and the latest news. Benefit from AI’s ability to compile and analyze data quickly and efficiently and discover how machine learning can support your sales goals and help you grow your revenue.

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Understanding your digital impact is vital to boosting your reach and profits. With seamless MediaJel and e-commerce attribution, you’ll always know where you stand—and where you want to go next.

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Score unbelievable results by combining the power of Search Engine Optimization, Display Ads, and Google Ads into a comprehensive strategy that drives more customers to your website and store.

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