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Vireo Transformed $13.5k into $108K with Display Ads in One Month

Vireo Health is a physician-led medical multi-state dispensary operator and marijuana cultivator and processor. They operate 16 dispensaries in five states and are licensed to grow and process in eight states. Vireo Health aims to push the limits of scientific innovation when it comes to cannabis and provide safe, high-quality products to qualifying patients.

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Keeping Services Top of Mind

Vireo wanted to engage both new and existing customers and drive additional traffic to their New York locations. With more dispensaries popping up, they needed to stay top of mind and ensure that people knew about their delivery service and their different locations.


In April 2021, Vireo’s display ads grossed $108,730. With an investment of just $13,728, the MediaJel team was able to create distinct ads to target multiple NYC neighborhoods and other areas surrounding Vireo’s dispensaries. How?

We ran the ads using our programmatic advertising network, which includes a variety of cannabis-friendly sites and apps used by of-age adults. Those ads resulted in 963 orders being placed and had a return on ad spend of $7.92 for every dollar spent.

Display Ads Help Vireo Gross Almost $110k


in ad spend resulted in




In revenue, a ROAS of $7.92 for every dollar in advertising they spent

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How It Works

Radius Advertising

Setting a radius around your location and delivery area helps target consumers when they’re likely to buy.

Landmarks Advertising

Use sophisticated tools to determine where your customer base is likely to congregate, then offer them deals they can’t turn down.

Competitor Advertising

Increase your market share by targeting consumers near competing dispensaries with specialized ads built to convert.


Retargeted ads have the highest conversion rates and can drive customers back to your store time and time again.