The POS Features Your Dispensary Needs

Choosing the right point-of-sale (POS) system for your dispensary is crucial. A cutting edge POS system can help your staff better process sales, collect customer data, manage inventory, minimize mistakes or theft, remain compliant with state regulations, and more.

However, not all cannabis POS systems have all of these features, and not all cannabis POS systems can be trusted to power your sales operations all the time. So, which features can turn your POS system into a retail powerhouse?

Ease of Transaction Features

A quality cannabis POS system will keep the green flowing and the line moving. Ease of transaction features make retail transactions a breeze and keep customer and staff satisfaction high.

Touchscreen compatability, express checkout, and automated discounting all work together to produce a quick and pleasant checkout experience.

A point of sale system that processes sales quickly and efficiently means less technical work for your staff, freeing them up to interact with customers and provide quality customer service. A POS system that makes transactions easier simply makes business better.

Legal Compliance Cannabis POS Features

One of the main responsibilities of a dispensary POS system is ensuring that all sales are in compliance with laws and regulations. Legal compliance features can help prevent your workers from making legal mistakes and ensure that all business operations are in the green.

A good POS system can provide tools like an age verification scanner that prevents staff from accidentally selling to underage customers, purchase limits alerts that let you know if a customer is purchasing too much cannabis, and hours of operations compliance alerts that ensure your staff are only using the system during work hours.

Furthermore, a top-of-the-line cannabis POS system can also help with generating and sending the compliance reports that keep you legal. Integration with statewide traceability systems like Leaf Data Systems, Metrc, and BioTrackTHC allows dispensaries to automatically report data required by government organizations. Canadian dispensaries can benefit from a POS system that submits compliance reports directly to provincial compliance offices.

Business Insights And Customer Data

A cutting edge POS system can efficiently gather data and provide valuable business insights that can help you to better understand your customers and your business.

For instance, some cannabis POS systems can keep track of customer purchases and preferences. This allows dispensary marketing teams to develop effective customer personas and segmentation strategies that boost the effectiveness of promotions and special offers.

Cannabis POS 2
Customer insights can also help you to identify and reward repeat shoppers, strengthening the bond between customer and business. A POS system can digitally maintain accurate customer records effortlessly, freeing up time that would have otherwise been spent collecting and sorting through this data.

A good point of sale system should also keep track of key business metrics and provide you with valuable insights regarding the performance of your dispensary. Performance reports, inventory reports, and sales reports can let you know what’s working and what isn’t by highlighting the successes and exposing the inefficiencies that affect your bottom line. They can also help you better staff your dispensary and let you know what you should order from your vendors.

Inventory Features

A dependable POS system can help you better manage your dispensary’s inventory.

POS systems can help you to track inventory on the whole or by the batch. Products can be tracked from the second they enter your inventory to the second that they leave your store, making inventory management a breeze.

Moreover, comprehensive point-of-sale systems can manage your inventory in real-time, helping you gain a better understanding of which products are selling well, and which are not. This can help to ensure that the products people want are constantly stocked and flying off the shelves. It can also help to identify unappealing products that may be wasting valuable shelf space and that should be replaced.

System Uptime And Customer Support

Constant uptime and easily accessible customer support are crucial features of a quality POS system. If a point-of-sale system can’t be trusted to function every time your dispensary’s doors are open, it could cause more problems than it solves. A quality POS system should always be available and should be able to function offline in case of wifi disruptions.

Cannabis POS 3
When choosing a POS system for your dispensary, make sure that customer service is ready and willing to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently. Look for short wait times and knowledgeable support staff that can answer technical questions and gives advice on retail operations at all times of the day.

Important Integrations

To get more from your POS, make sure it can seamlessly integrate with your tech stack, including your loyalty program, your online menu, and your CRM. Choosing a POS with these capabilities will save you time and make your dispensary more efficient.

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