Quality Dispensary Website Design = More Sales!

Think you no longer need a website? Feel like you have enough visibility thanks to your GMB listing and your social accounts?

If you’re thinking of skipping having a website in favor of a GMB listing and dispensary menu website, reconsider.

Why Your Dispensary Needs a Website

The difference between maintaining your own site and using GMB, social, and dispensary menu sites is the difference between owning and renting.

On your website, you set the rules. You share what you want, how you want (within cannabis advertising regulations, of course). On listing sites and social media, you not only have to follow their rules, but you’re subject to their whims. Site owners can disable your account, limit your reach, and generally wreak havoc.
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Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are not currently reliable for cannabis businesses. Dispensaries that have spent years developing a following and customer base with these services have found themselves suddenly shut down or locked out of their account with little recourse for remedying the situation.

If you’re serious about your dispensary, you must have your own site that features your unique dispensary website design.

It’s crucial to devote resources towards your dispensary website design — think of it as an essential investment into crafting a recognizable brand and reputation. In an age where consumers typically engage in research prior to making a purchase, maintaining a website is vital for establishing that extra layer of legitimacy and creating a positive first impression.

The Benefits of a Dispensary Website

In addition to showcasing and establishing your brand, dispensary website design is also a vital SEO tool. Since search engines like Google usually display a website associated with a business as the first result, developing a website can cement your dispensary’s position at the top of listings when people search for its name. This enables dispensaries to control what others see and project a persona of professionalism and quality to the world.

Likewise, a website can include information that does not belong on any other platform. While social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are ideal for sharing updates and images with customers, a website can go deeper into what makes a dispensary special. Devoting time to a comprehensive section on background or employees can give customers an impression that your dispensary is more legitimate than others.

Ideal Dispensary Website Design

So what should your dispensary website look like? Well, to cut to the chase, it should be so inviting that visitors want to order from your online menu immediately!

To get there, it’s important to utilize images and videos, compelling copy, and clear calls-to-action—i.e., “order online now!”

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MediaJel makes dispensary website design simple! With our templates and expert copywriters, your dispensary can reap the benefits of a well-crafted website without spending weeks in front of a screen, pecking at a keyboard. Focus on running your dispensary, and let MediaJel take care of your website for you.