Why Marijuana Delivery Service Marketing is Key

The Covid-19 pandemic and the fear that is gripping the nation means that more people are turning to delivery services to get their needs met. From groceries to cannabis, delivery services are having their moment.

What does this mean for dispensaries?

For starters, if you’re able to offer delivery in your state, it’s time to launch your new service. And if you can’t, you need to get creative. See if you can offer curbside pickup, implement social distancing protocols to protect staff and customers, and push for online pre-ordering.

What is Marijuana Delivery Service Marketing?

Because dispensaries and marijuana delivery services are limited in how they can advertise (and because these regulations vary by jurisdiction), the most effective marketing for these types of businesses is digital marketing.

Under the digital marketing umbrella, there is a variety of high-ROI tactics that can be used to increase visibility, build brand trust and authority, and get more sales. What your strategy should look like will depends on your short-term and long-term goals.


Geoadvertising is the use of display ads on mobile devices within a certain geographic area. Geo-ads allow you to connect with new customers right where they are. These small graphic adds appear unobtrusively as banners on websites and apps.

Right now, more people than ever are online and they’re spending more time online than ever before. They’re browsing the web and using apps trying to keep themselves busy. By using geo-ads, you can get your message in front of the people in your delivery area while they’re online.

We have a network of compliant, cannabis-friendly sites and apps that allow us to share your display ads and drive sales. No need to try and find sites and apps that will let you advertise—we’ve done the heavy lifting already.

Geo-Ads can be used in different ways to increase the visibility of your delivery service and are a crucial part of a sound marijuana delivery service marketing plan.

For example, with geo-conquesting, you can target your competition’s customers and even offer them special deals. You can also use geo-fencing strategies to target areas where your customer base is likely to be. Right now, marketing to supermarkets is a good strategy. Lines are long and what do people do when they have to wait? They grab their phones and start browsing the web or playing with apps.

You can also use geo-ads to advertise directly to people within your delivery area or near your dispensary.

With our Geo-Ads service, we handle everything for you. We create the ads for you in a way that is compliant within your state or province and let you have final approval before distributing them to our network. It’s an easy way to start getting more customers and bring attention to your new service.

Google Ads

Why Marijuana Delivery Service Marketing is Key
Google Ads are pay-per-click ads that show up above search results. They’re a powerful tool for obtaining new customers because they provide a predictable customer acquisition cost, unlike traditional advertising.

By finding relevant keywords and writing good copy, you can get your ads in front of people who are already interested in your service. Plus, you can see results immediately.

If you’re launching delivery or just want to highlight your service offerings, Google Ads is great for getting you new traffic. When done right, Google Ads can quickly increase your web traffic and help you increase your delivery orders.

With shelter at home orders in place, people are searching for cannabis delivery services and trying to find out about dispensary hours and services. Will they find you? Google Ads will ensure you show when people use your search terms.

But there’s a catch.

Running Google Ads for a cannabis business is notoriously difficult—there are plenty of cannabis and dispensary-related terms that you can’t use in Google Ads. Not only will your ads get removed, but Google will cancel your account if you break their rules too many times.

Save yourself time and money, and make sure your ads work.

We offer a management service where we not only create your ads but we also monitor their effectiveness based on your ad spend and make changes as necessary so that you get the highest ROI possible. We’re certified in Google Ads and know what works and what doesn’t. Plus, we provide transparent and trackable data to showcase your campaign’s performance.


SMS marketing is the use of text messages to connect with your customers. It can help you build a rapport with your customer base, share important info and deals, and generally engage with your current customer base. People are tied to their phones. Text is the fastest way to reach them.

With the uncertainty in the industry, some dispensaries have had to change their hours and how they serve customers. Sending a text is a quick way to let people know what’s going on.

Note: SMS won’t help you get new customers, but it can help you keep your old ones.

If you’re running any deals during this time or starting a new service, text is a simple and effective way to share the info with your current customers. SMS is perfect for nurturing relationships. Personalize messages to see an increased ROI by sending deals based on a customer’s purchase history.

Customer Acquisition Service

To make life easier for our clients, we’ve created a new, goal-oriented service. For a fixed rate, we’ll deliver a set number of customers. That’s it—nice and simple. We’ll use a mix of Geo-Ads and Google Ads to get new customers to your menu.

How to Get Started with Marijuana Delivery Service Marketing

Let us help you recession-proof your business. More and more dispensaries are moving to delivery and pickup-only models because of the current crisis. If you don’t act fast, you’ll be losing customers to them.

Ready to get your marijuana delivery service marketing underway? Give us a call!

Want more info? Check out the replay for our recent webinar on this topic.