Tips for Writing a Press Release for Your New Dispensary

Press releases provide businesses with a way to share positive or newsworthy statements with the media. Yet many businesses fail to recognize their value when it comes to digital marketing.

Press releases are an excellent way of promoting new products, services, or events. Perhaps just as importantly, they can work wonders for brand exposure, relevance, and visibility.

Even experienced copywriters are sometimes put off by the prospect of writing technical pieces like press releases. In reality, though, press releases are actually a lot less difficult to write than their name implies.

Keep reading to get some tips for writing a press release.

Why Use a Press Release?

Press releases help businesses to formally communicate pieces of news or information that they deem worthy of promotion. Writing a press release for your new dispensary is an excellent way to notify the media and industry of your opening. Moreover, a well-distributed press release can be a great way to establish your brand.

But press releases can do much more than just communicate your dispensary’s opening. Press releases are vital to the marketing efforts of companies of all sizes. In the internet age, press releases are a time-tested method of instantly distributing information worldwide. Share information about events, partnerships, and more.

However, unlike the marketing materials informally distributed over social media, press releases provide businesses with a formal way of distributing the information it most needs to communicate. Apart from that, continually submitting press releases can also help businesses to stay visible to the public and to investors.

Press releases can work wonders for brand exposure. Depending on their significance, press releases are sometimes re-published by industry blogs, news outlets, or even magazines. Press releases can be picked up by bloggers and journalists to be mentioned, featured, or linked to in their content. Obtaining links from authoritative sites that choose to publish your press releases can provide a serious boost to your site’s SEO.

However, it’s also important for companies to know when not to rely on a press release. Publishing too many releases or publishing them for mundane or insignificant reasons can seriously harm their credibility and effectiveness.

What Are Some Tips for Writing a Press Release?

Press releases must follow certain guidelines in order to meet the expectations and time constraints of journalists. It’s one thing to write a press release, and another to actually convince an editor to read and publish it. Here are some tips for writing a press release that will actually get published.

tips for writing a press release 1
There are 4 primary elements to any well-written press release: the headline, the body, the boilerplate, and the contact section.

A well-written headline should communicate the essence of the piece without having to read any further. The goal of the headline is to grab the reader’s attention, encouraging them to learn more, while also being explanatory of the topic.

The body of a press release should be as concise as possible while still being engaging. Your body text shouldn’t be overly-wordy but should confidently communicate the information you’re trying to pass along. Remember to keep it factual and focus on the 4 W’s (who, what, where, why). When it comes to tips for writing a press release, keeping it concise, yet confident, might be the most important one.

The boilerplate or ‘about us’ is simply an about section that provides information about the dispensary itself. Keep it short and simple and remember to include a link back to your website.

tips for writing a press release 3
Finally, there’s the contact section. The contact section is crucial to helping journalists follow up with you after your press release. A contact section should appear at the very end of your press release.

Keeping press releases short and sweet is always a good idea. Don’t produce a literary masterpiece with the assumption that it will actually be read from start to finish. Make sure that your news angle is communicated immediately within the first few lines of text. Most press releases are only 1-2 pages long, depending on the complexity of the information being presented.

Stick to these tips for writing a press release and you will be ready to publicize your dispensary on the big stage in no time!
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