What Makes a Website Mobile Friendly?

If you want to succeed with your SEO, your dispensary MUST have a mobile-friendly website!

But what is a mobile-friendly website really?

The term ‘mobile friendly’ refers to optimizing your website for maximum mobile browsing convenience. Basically, it’s a nicer way of saying that it looks good on a smartphone or tablet.

Since more and more people are browsing the internet through their phones, mobile optimization is crucial for businesses with an online presence (which, let’s be honest, should be all of them). Mobile traffic is vital for online sales and lead generation. Plus, mobile-friendly websites boost SEO efforts and conversion rates across the board.

According to the latest numbers from Statista, over 50% of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile browsers. In some parts of the world, this number can even reach as high as 65%.

For dispensaries that have optimized their websites for mobile browsing, it all adds up to more opportunities for potential customers to find them.

Why Responsive Mobile Website Design Is Crucial for Dispensaries

Responsive website design is potentially the most important part of mobile optimization.

Responsive web designs adjust and scale with screen size, making them ideal for sites that are browsed on both desktop and mobile devices.
Although Google has publicly stated that they do not explicitly favor any specific kind of mobile design, responsive design is their preferred format.

As such, ‘mobile-first’ has become a primary principle of modern web design. Through the use of CSS ‘media queries’, the first versions of most new websites are built for mobile browsing before being formally converted to a desktop format.

Responsive mobile designs prioritize speed and convenience, encouraging visitors to stay on your website as long as possible. They are essential to providing pleasant browsing and shopping experiences for your dispensary’s mobile customers.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Should Be Easy to Use

Responsive designs that are built for ease-of-use will allow your customers to get where they want to go quickly and conveniently, keeping them satisfied along the way.

The positioning and functionality of page menus are some of the most important aspects of a mobile-friendly website. Assuring that potential customers can easily get around your website is crucial to keeping them engaged.

Mobile menus should be prominently displayed at the top of a page. Fixed menus that move with a page as it scrolls downwards have become commonplace in mobile web design. Additionally, drop-down menus can also add functionality while saving space.

Oversized menu elements can be particularly problematic for mobile browsing. Ideally, a mobile menu should be big enough to function well, but not so big that it interferes with other page elements or makes browsing difficult.

This philosophy applies to other page elements as well. It is important to be careful when assigning width and height percentages to responsive elements. Oversized elements can sometimes destroy the functionality of an entire page.

Make The Most of Few Words With Effective Calls To Action

Because of the limited space on a mobile screen, effective calls-to-action (or CTAs) are crucial to boosting conversion rates.

CTAs get right to the point, tempting your customers to proceed in certain directions. By using CTAs to guide customer interactions with your dispensary’s mobile site, you can really make the most out of limited space.

As with other page elements, correct sizing and positioning are key. CTAs should be prominently displayed, clear of other elements that may clutter them. Avoid using pop-ups as they can sometimes be hard to close, and most mobile users find them extremely annoying.

Lastly, don’t forget to choose an appropriate font for your mobile page. Readability, not design, should be your primary concern when selecting mobile fonts. Oversized or hard to read fonts will make your mobile site less user-friendly, and your CTAs less effective.

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