Writing Content: How to Tailor Your Content to Your Audience

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective digital marketing strategy that can engage your customers, grow your brand, and give your site a serious SEO boost.

However, in order for your content to be successful, your audience must be receptive to it. Developing an effective content plan that appeals to your customer base is crucial to the success of your content.

Before you begin writing content for your dispensary website, consider these three things.

Know Your Audience Before Writing Content

The most important part of tailoring content for your audience is knowing just who your audience is.
One way to gain a good understanding of your audience is by leveraging analytics. Whenever customers interact with your brand, they leave behind a footprint. This activity can take place on your website, your social media pages, and even inside your dispensary.

Data collection methods can be paired with tools like customer surveys and social media profiling to give you a better idea of just who your customers really are. Opening your blog posts and social media posts to comments is another great way to get your customers to tell you more about them, their interests, and how they want to interact with your brand, and your content. If you prefer to be more direct, you can also simply post questions on your blog posts that encourage your audience to open up and directly share with you.

Paying attention to WHERE your customers are can give you a better idea of how your content should be presented and distributed.

Divide And Conquer

After you figure out who your customers are, you can begin dividing them into segments. Segmentation is the process of grouping customers together based on factors such as demographics, interests, spending habits, and more.

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Segmentation is an effective way to organize your customer base into smaller groups that can be marketed to more effectively. By dividing your customers into segments you can focus more effectively on what directly appeals to them. Evaluating the needs and desires of specific customer groups will allow you to create richer content that appeals to your customers on a much deeper level.

Try to reach across the spectrum of customer segments, but prioritize those that you believe will make your brand as successful as possible.

Spy On The Competition

If you are unable to effectively collect data or build customer personas, you can always take a look at your competitor’s content strategy for some inspiration before writing content.

Visit the websites of similar dispensary brands, or brands that you wish to emulate, to see what kind of content they create and how they choose to deliver it. Studying your competition will also help you fill existing gaps in your own content plan.

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Take a look at the keywords they appear to be targeting and the way that their content is structured for cues as to how you should develop your own content. You should also pause to consider which posts which posts are inspiring customer engagement. Check out which blog posts are generating comments, which content is being shared on social media, and which topics are sparking the deepest discussions.
You should never copy content, but it’s ok to be inspired by someone else’s work.

Start Writing

Now that you know who you’re writing for, you can better determine what to write about. For example, if you’re a medical dispensary serving older customers with chronic conditions, you can create a beginner’s guide to starting cannabis and create posts around different consumption methods, the best strains for different symptoms, and how to dose cannabis.

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If you’re in a rec state that serves different audiences, split up your content to ensure you’re creating for each of your targets. Maybe one week you can write about cannabis and wellness, another week about the latest research or trends, and then a new product spotlight.

Content is great for boosting your SEO, but it should also be useful to your audience. If you want help developing a strategy or just want someone else to take the reins, schedule a call!