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Effective Dispensary Marketing

Marketing your cannabis dispensary using digital ads requires careful planning combined with compliant execution. Our programmatic advertising solutions provide right-fit audiences and geofenced targeting to engage customers and drive sales.

More Customers, More Sales

Retail businesses are dreamed about, stressed over, and often built by sheer will and determination. You’ve got to really want it, especially in hard-to-market industries. We see this passion and grit throughout the cannabis industry and in dispensaries seeking growth. You want it. How do you get it?

As more states open their borders to medical marijuana and legalize recreational cannabis, increased dispensary competition comes with it. Whether you were an early arriver with a head start or cut the ribbon on your front door last week, you need a dispensary business plan to capture consumer awareness and translate interest into more people spending more money with you.

Targeting Audiences With Data-Driven Precision

How do you differentiate your dispensary from others and build a loyal customer base with reliable dispensary sales? How do you thrive as competition heats up and the market evolves? Start by revisiting the principle Know Thy Customer. Then, add the cannabis twist.

Defining and analyzing your ideal customers provides you valuable insights into interests, concerns, and motivations as well as the products that appeal, and ultimately sell. These characterizations also provide the jumping off point for developing dispensary marketing and advertising messages that resonate and move audiences to search for you online, browse your e-commerce site, or visit your shop.

This is where we come in. Our account services team helps you categorically get to know your target audiences―not with names and faces, but with facts and data. We founded MediaJel, in part, because when we looked around at the digital marketing solutions available to cannabis brands and retailers, we weren’t satisfied with what we saw―generalized personas, off-the-shelf target datasets, and cookie-dependent data collection tools.

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Custom-Built for your Cannabis Dispensary

So, we custom-built our platform to be bigger and better. We combine advanced big data analytics and AI learning with proprietary datasets that are captured and curated specifically for your dispensary. We collect and map identifiers across an immense array of data footprints, including contextual, behavioral, geospacial, device, digital and purchase histories, and more. With over 2.6 million identifiers at our fingertips, MediaJel’s targeting tools expertly define, expand, and precision-target your highest potential audiences. And we don’t stop there.

As your programmatic ad campaign runs on live media, our expert digital traders work to refine and optimize your targeting parameters. With the identification and tracking data we collect, we’re able to efficiently retarget advertising to audiences who have already visited your store, browsed your website, or engaged with you in some way. This repeated messaging, particularly when layered with localized geofencing, keeps you top of mind and supports your dispensary business plan to build sustainable growth and valuable brand equity.

How Programmatic Works

Programmatic advertising leverages big data, customized datasets, and AdTech software to automate what was once done manually. Using demand-side platforms (DSPs), advertisers set parameters for relevant audiences and publishers. This helps ensure that ads reach their intended audiences efficiently, wasting neither time nor money on irrelevant viewers. Publishers put their ad space up for auction via supply side platforms (SSPs), and then exchange platforms play matchmaker.

Now imagine an exchange platform with direct access to over 36,500 media outlets worldwide via a private ad marketplace? This is what we built MediaJel to do, plus so much more.

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Geo-Focus: Keep it Local

As a storefront dispensary, local is everything. You need your ads seen by real people within your business radius, not 500 miles away. Plus, compliant cannabis advertising requires knowing precisely who, when, where, and how you can serve ads to avoid regulatory headaches.

Using our proprietary geofencing and mapping tools, we target ads directly to audiences within precise geographic parameters, both in real-time or with historical data. This includes smartphone users who have been or are currently in your customized geofences and that match relevant criteria such as medical marijuana near chiropractors and adult-use cannabis ads near concert venues.

Dispensary benefits of advertising with MediaJel

Programmatic advertising solutions with MediaJel provide key marketing benefits to support your dispensary business plan. From minimizing ad waste (the old “spray and pray” method) to maximizing your ROI, we can help you achieve your goals.

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The pace of competition for mindshare and walletshare of cannabis customers will continue to increase as new players enter the market and the industry expands.

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