Unlock the Power of Location-Based Cannabis Marketing with Geo-Targeted Ad Technology

Connect With Consumers On A Hyper-Local Level

1/4/24 | 11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST

In the dynamic landscape of regulated marketing, precision and personalization are the keys to success. Enter the realm of advanced location-based cannabis marketing techniques that reshape how cannabis businesses connect with their audiences.

Whether you are interested in boosting brand awareness and prospecting for new customers around your store or targeting vast influxes of tourists for short-term revenue, location-based targeting techniques allow cannabis brands, retailers, and delivery businesses to deliver content and advertisements based on consumer geographic locations. How will that help, you ask?

  • Increase store visits and sales by serving ads tailored to audiences interested in your products that live or work near your retail location.
  • Boost short-term revenue and connect with cannabis tourists visiting your town from across the nation.
  • Retarget consumers nationwide using look-back audiences of cannabis enthusiasts who attended a conference, sporting event, or music festival. 

Join us for an engaging webinar where we’ll delve into the incredible world of location-based cannabis marketing and the targeting and messaging possibilities available using geo-targeted technology.

What You'll Learn

During our 60-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The differences between geofencing and geoframing, plus campaign strategies that increase revenue.
  • Radius Targeting, Competitor Targeting, and Landmark Targeting strategies and the enticing offers we recommend using.
  • How to create finely tuned audience segments by combining location data with demographic insights to ensure messages resonate.

In an era where personalization is paramount, learn to engage with consumers ready to purchase using messaging tailored to their geographical location and browsing behavior. Save your spot, and we’ll show you how!

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