Impact Cannabis Audiences with Headline-Worthy PR Strategies

With Grasslands Founder & CEO, Ricardo Baca

What takes 20 years to build and five minutes to ruin?

Your brand reputation.

Did you know, 63% of a company’s market value is directly related to its reputation? No matter the size of your cannabis company, public perception can make or break your business.

Cannabis Public Relations Strategies

If you can convey high-quality, brand messages and create irresistible content that reflects the heart of your business values, you will be wildly successful in your cannabis public relations strategy. Give yourself a competitive advantage and transform your PR plan to build trust and credibility with cannabis consumers.

Join us and learn how to create valuable PR stories that your audience cares about to boost brand awareness and expand market reach with PR Guru and Founder and CEO of Grasslands, Ricardo Baca.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to tell fantastic stories and create relationships with the press
  • Steps for managing a PR disaster
  • How marketing and PR go hand in hand: Leveraging PR in your paid/earned media channels.
  • Successful PR metrics and measuring ROI

What is your cannabis brand’s reputation? Good, bad, are you even on the map? Build the value of your brand, and start with this webinar.

Here’s a Preview of the Webinar:

> [4 MIN] Paid vs Owned vs. Earned Media: How PR Fits into your Paid Media Mix

> [6:30 MIN] Building Trust With Earned Media

> [7:30 MIN] Leveraging PR Strategies For Once in a Lifetime Cannabis Coverage 

> [10 MIN] How Does a PR Campaign Build Cannabis Brand Equity

> [18 MIN] How Can Cannabis Bands Build RelationshipsWith Journalists

> [23:23 MIN] How Can You Create Content That is Important to a Journalist

> [27 MIN] Cannabis PR Strategy: Finding Your Unique Differentiator

> [30 MIN] Tailoring Your Cannabis PR Strategy: 90 Day Roadmap

> [30:30 MIN] Cannabis PR Strategies That Can Land You in Publications Like The New York Times

> [40:40 MIN] Avoid These Cannabis PR Mistakes 


Contact us today and we can build out a personalized marketing plan that supports your cannabis public relations strategy.

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