How Revenue Attribution Can Help You Maximize Your Budget

Invest in your most profitable channels and boost your ROI

Most dispensaries don’t even know what they’re missing…

Revenue attribution is par for the course in most industries—except cannabis. Understanding where your revenue comes from is pivotal for allocating your marketing budget, yet cannabis e-commerce platforms don’t always make this clear, and some don’t even give you the option to review your data.

How can you actively track whether your marketing is actually leading to sales?

We’re on a mission to transform how digital marketing works for dispensaries and introducing revenue attribution as the standard for the industry is a crucial component. When you can determine where your sales are coming from and how well your digital marketing campaigns are faring, you can make smarter marketing decisions and invest where it matters.

Watch our 30-minute webinar and learn:

  1. The tools you need for tracking revenue attribution
  2. How to combine your marketing and sales data to get a good overview of how well your campaigns are performing
  3. The highest-performing digital marketing tactics we’ve seen

Here’s a Preview of the Webinar:

[6:00] Not sure what revenue attribution is? Start here!
[8:16] Uncover why it’s worth your time to get revenue attribution set up.
[10:14] Find out what you need to get revenue attribution working for you.
[14:14] Here’s what you need to be tracking!
[17:10] Start here if you want to learn what services may be compatible with revenue attribution from MediaJel.

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