Maximize Your Sales with a Dispensary E-Commerce Platform

Michigan medical cannabis is easier to get thanks to new laws allowing for delivery. To make the most of this, Michigan medical cannabis dispensaries—aka provisioning centers—must put in place dispensary e-commerce and delivery solutions. While ordering medical cannabis isn’t quite as easy as ordering pizza—you still need a doctor’s recommendation, for example—it’s a great way to ensure that patients have their medication when they need it.

With legal cannabis delivery in California and Michigan, among other states, it’s crucial that all dispensaries have reliable online menus and e-commerce platforms. Otherwise, you could be leaving a considerable amount of money on the table. Even in states where delivery isn’t allowed (yet), having an up-to-date online menu can reflect positively on your business.

Why Cannabis E-Commerce Matters

Cannabis means different things to different people. Some of your customers may use cannabis to relax after a hard day; others may incorporate topicals and other products into their wellness routines. Then, there’s a large subset of cannabis users who rely on the plant for relief from a variety of medical conditions and symptoms, from cachexia and epilepsy to ALS, Crohn’s, and MS.

While how or why individuals choose to use or ingest cannabis varies, they all have one thing in common. To be certain they’re getting high-quality products that have been lab-tested, they must get their cannabis from a dispensary.

But not everyone can stop by their favorite dispensary when they want to. Whether they have debilitating pain, mobility issues, or just a busy schedule, there can be a lot of obstacles to getting to a dispensary.

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E-commerce can make it easier for patients and adult-users to quickly secure their cannabis. Whether you offer online ordering with in-store pickup or the convenience of delivery, having an efficient dispensary e-commerce solution can help save your customers time—and can even save you money.

Having a real-time online menu—regardless of whether delivery is legal in your state—also makes it easy for customers to see what you have in stock before stopping in. While not every visitor to your menu will purchase online, being able to see your product variety will encourage some to stop in and see your products for themselves.

Implementing a Dispensary E-Commerce Solution

If you don’t already have an online dispensary menu, it’s time to get one. At this point, savvy consumers expect a real-time menu.

When shopping for a dispensary e-commerce solution, you’ll want something that can integrate with your POS, and if you can, your delivery platform. Your online menu should be user-friendly for both you and your customers. Plus, it should show changes to your inventory in real-time. Otherwise, it can cause frustrations for everyone. In addition, because different states have varying purchase limits and regulations, your dispensary e-commerce solution should take this into account when an online order is placed.

Once you have your dispensary e-commerce solution in place, make sure to use these tips to increase your online orders.

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We know that dispensaries require a variety of software solutions. It can be hard finding ones that tick off all the boxes. In addition to offering digital marketing for dispensaries, we help dispensary owners find the tech solutions that will help them run their businesses efficiently while maximizing their sales. Contact us to learn more!