Implement Medical Marijuana Delivery Easily with Cannabis Delivery Software

If your medical marijuana dispensary is ready to take its service to the next level and incorporate delivery, then learning about MMJ delivery software is a must.

Medical marijuana is often prescribed for individuals who are dealing with difficult illnesses. They may not always have the ability to make it to their favorite dispensary to fill out their prescriptions. And while many dispensaries allow for caretakers to fill and pick up prescriptions, delivery makes getting medicine into a patient’s hands even easier.

MMJ delivery software can help you fine-tune your delivery process. By tracking orders and the delivery process, MMJ delivery software provides dispensaries with the tools to manage and analyze the delivery process.

How Can MMJ Delivery Software Benefit Your Dispensary?

dispensary delivery software
A good MMJ delivery software can help you streamline your current processes, but that’s not all.

3 Primary Benefits of MMJ Delivery Software

1. Help Patients

First and foremost, we know that your patients are your number one concern. Prescription delivery makes their lives easier and ensures they have their medication when they need it. While many patients will be happy to stop by your customer-friendly dispensary to pick up their meds, other patients may not be able to. An online ordering and delivery software can help less mobile or busy patients get their medications in a timely fashion.

2. Save Time

Well-designed software can be a thing of beauty. Not only is good software intuitive—it can actually save you time. By removing redundant processes and inefficiencies and incorporating a user-friendly interface for your patients and your team, you can cut back on the amount of time your current delivery protocol requires. And if you’re new to delivery, a good MMJ delivery software can help ease your dispensary into delivery with fewer hiccups.

3. Save Money

When you streamline your processes and spend less time on unnecessary tasks, you can save money. Efficiency means less money spent on tasks with no monetary return.

Before starting delivery, check cannabis regulations with your state regulating agency to see if there are additional licenses you need or requirements you must meet. Below are the regulatory boards for WA, CA, DE, CO, and DC.
Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board
CA Bureau of Cannabis Control
DE Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee
CO Department of Revenue
Washington DC Department of Health

MMJ Delivery Software Features to Look For

mmj delivery software features
If you’re ready to add delivery to your medical marijuana dispensary and are looking for the best delivery software to help you roll out your new service, make sure to look for these features:


No one wants to spend time learning how to use an interface just to place an order or join a loyalty program. And on your end, you probably don’t want to spend too long learning a new system and training your entire team. Your MMJ delivery software should be easy for everyone to use, from patients who need to refill a prescription to your drivers who are waiting to deliver it to them.

Automated Dispatch

Before delivery software, you would need to let your drivers know there was an order that needed to go out. With delivery software, the process is automated. The pharmacist or fulfillment personnel receive the order and fill it, once it’s marked as filled, the driver is notified. This saves time for everyone, which, as with any business, means saving money.

Route Tracking and Optimization

Delivery adds a new dimension for dispensaries and businesses in general. Having employees on the road means you need to manage employees who aren’t nearby. A good MMJ delivery software can provide route tracking to keep you up to date on when a prescription should be delivered. In addition, route optimization can help provide an itinerary for drivers that minimize driving times and gets deliveries done more quickly.

Inventory Integration

After a patient has placed an order, the last thing you want to do is call them to say there’s been a mistake and you don’t have their prescription in inventory. Inventory integration can help ensure that inventory stays up to date and that orders can only be placed from in-stock items.

Reports & Analytics

Reports and statistics can help provide you the data you need to improve your sales and grow your business. Make sure the MMJ delivery software you choose offers reliable, accurate reports that you can customize, download, or export. Reports should allow you to track strain sales, patient retention, and more.


A software that has frequent downtimes or bugs doesn’t serve anyone. The delivery software you opt for should have positive reviews from users and be committed to improvement.

Customer Service

An MMJ delivery software company should be responsive to your needs—just like you’re responsive to your customers’ needs. You may have questions during setup, issues to troubleshoot during use or even recommendations for software improvement. Your delivery software should offer some form of support to ensure that you’re able to provide the highest level of service to your patients.

Additional Features

For those looking for full-scale integration, there are software solutions that offer seed-to-sale technologies, POS system integration, and delivery software. This may save time and ensure that all your systems are talking to each other properly. Some MMJ delivery software suites even offer loyalty program integration.

Ultimately, additional features are nice, but the only features that matter are the ones you’ll actually use. To help you determine which delivery software is right for your team, first consider your needs and the needs of your customers and then determine which software platform most closely aligns with your goals.

Ready to implement MMJ delivery software for your medical cannabis dispensary? Contact us and we will provide our best recommendation to ensure you have all the features you need to make your delivery service a success!