FAQ Page Examples and Tips You Can Use Today

Having to answer the same questions over and over again can really become burdensome and frustrating for budtenders. Yes, it’s an important part of the job, but it’s also useful to create an FAQ page that conveniently provides useful info to site visitors.

An effective FAQ page will educate your customers and can save your budtenders time, freeing them up to better help customers find what they’re looking for. Plus, a well-built FAQ page can boost your website’s SEO signals in several ways and make your dispensary website a useful tool.

Keep reading to find out more about why you should create a FAQ page and to see some FAQ page examples that may make the process of designing one easier for you.

Why Should You Create An FAQ Page?

Building a useful and effective FAQ page will not only help your SEO signals but will also save your customer service team a whole bunch of time and effort. Freeing your employees from repetitive and time-consuming customer service tasks is not only likely to increase their productivity, but also their satisfaction.

Furthermore, data shows that effective customer service solutions can increase customer satisfaction and, consequentially, spending. According to a ZenDesk survey from 2013, 69% of respondents indicated that a quick response time was the most important factor in positive customer services experiences. This is important because 42% of B2C customers claimed to have purchased more after having a good customer service experience.

When it comes to SEO, a well-built FAQ page can be a goldmine for branded and unbranded keywords. Furthermore, answering questions will increase the likelihood that potential customers will find you and your content on the web. For instance, most voice searches are questions, and answering questions is one of the best ways to boost your website’s voice SEO performance.

How Do You Build An Effective FAQ Page?

The first step to creating an effective FAQ page is gathering all of the questions that your budtenders are most commonly asked. Make sure that these are questions your customers actually ask, not just questions that you think they might ask.

Ask your best customer service agents to answer these questions. It is important to receive input from front-line customer service staff since they are used to communicating with clients directly and on their terms. Typically, customers and businesses talk very differently.

Knowledgeable customer service agents can successfully bridge the communication gap by speaking to customers in a way that increases both comfort and satisfaction.

Take care to organize your FAQ page correctly. Grouping and categorizing similar questions, or questions that are typically asked together, is one way of keeping your content clean and neat. Organizing or grouping questions together will make it much easier for customers to quickly scan the page for their answer.

Tips For Creating An Effective And Useful FAQ Page

Be aware that poorly built FAQ pages tend to fall short in their pursuits of boosting SEO signals and streamlining customer service. Poorly thought out pages can confuse and bore visitors, quickly draining their interest and increasing the likelihood they will seek out the answer to their question elsewhere (and increasing your bounce rate).

Effective FAQ pages help visitors find and understand content however possible. For example, including a search function on the page is always a good idea, especially if there are many questions and answers, or many different Q&A categories. Moreover, applying visual aids such as (appropriately sized) images or graphics is a great way to make your page more valuable and attractive.

Lastly, try not to overdo it. FAQ pages that are loaded to the top with content can be more frustrating than helpful. It may be tempting to try and answer as many questions as possible, but doing so may actually annoy your viewers instead of helping them.

What Are Some Good FAQ Page Examples?

If you are looking for some FAQ page examples to guide you in organizing and styling your dispensary’s FAQ page, there are some valuable resources on the web that can help.

For instance, Hubspot has collected 10 excellent FAQ pages that exemplify a range of different styles and methods which can be applied to your dispensary’s website today. And, if you are looking for even more FAQ page examples, Search Engine Journal has gathered an even bigger collection of 25 FAQ pages, including from web giants such as YouTube and Twitter.