Why Local SEO Matters For Your Dispensary

As more and more searches are conducted through mobile devices, retail businesses need to adjust their SEO strategies to account for local searches. Recent research indicates that in 2018 nearly 63% of Google searches happened on mobile. These days, more and more mobile users rely on mobile search to find local businesses for shopping.

So how can you get noticed when people are looking for a local dispensary?

Local SEO.

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for local search results as a way to capture customers seeking local products or services.

Page content, on-page optimization, and local link acquisition are all important factors in establishing an online presence for local storefronts.

However, for many large brands with multiple storefronts, local SEO is often an afterthought. Keep reading to find out why this matters and why your dispensary should optimize for local search today, no matter how big your brand!

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO is important because it helps local customers find your business and encourages them to visit your storefront.

Google’s user surveys show that most customers prefer their search results to be customized for local search, indicating that they’re open to using search engines for local shopping purposes. Google found that nearly 4 in 5 search users use their search engine to find local information, and just as many prefer Google’s ads to be customized for their immediate surroundings.

Several recent surveys and studies have confirmed the link between local search and intent to purchase. According to Google, roughly 50% of consumers who performed a local search on their phone visited a storefront by the next day, as compared to just 34% of searches performed on a desktop. Moreover, the same data indicates that 18% of local searches led to a sale within one day, compared to just 7% of non-local searches.

local seo for dispensaries main street

How Can Your Dispensary Benefit From Local SEO?

Just as a local lawyer, dentist, or plumber would benefit from the local interest generated by local SEO efforts, so too can a dispensary. Local SEO signals can help local customers find your shop when they are actively searching for dispensaries in their area. Simply put, it gets more traffic through the door of your dispensary locations.

Local SEO For Large Enterprises

Big brands with multiple locations may neglect to prioritize local SEO in favor of promoting their main brand, main website, or main location. However, this leads to missed opportunities from local searches.

The disadvantages of managing large portfolios with a large number of storefronts can sometimes get in the way of successfully implementing an effective local SEO program. Slow decision making, large volumes, and a lack of defined roles and objectives can all work to hinder these efforts.  Nevertheless, large brands will have to do their best in order to capture local search customers wherever they have a storefront. This is actually something we have experience with and can help you with.

What Are The Main Variables?

Content, keywords, local links, and on-page optimizations all factor into local SEO signals.

Content with a local focus is very important to local SEO. Custom local content that incorporates local keywords in an engaging and valuable way will work wonders. Take advantage of local events, sponsorships, and news, or create your own.

When it comes to link building, focus on obtaining links that establish your storefront’s presence in the area. A quality local link profile should include links from local directory websites, local partner sites, local industry-related sites, local newspaper sites, and NAP (name, address, phone) citation sites.

On-page optimizations like including each storefront’s state and zip code on each store location page, implementing local schema markup on all store location pages, and ensuring that each storefront’s page is properly indexed by search engines and directories can also help tremendously. Additionally, a Google My Business (GMB) page loaded with local reviews can further establish an individual storefront’s web presence.

It may seem like a lot of work, but implementing a local SEO program is a sure-fire way to get more customers through the door of your dispensary.

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