Navigating 3rd Party Data Challenges: Ensuring Quality and Compliance

With Matt Taverna of Statara Solutions

10/19/2023 | 11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST

Think of third-party data as the rocket fuel that can supercharge your cannabis marketing strategies and decision-making—giving you the upper hand in an industry that’s getting more competitive by the day. But hey, we get it—navigating the murky waters of cannabis data compliance and data privacy can be a real buzzkill.

Join Matt Taverna, Data Guru and Principal at Statara Solutions to master the ins and outs of cannabis data compliance, data governance, and privacy. You will walk away knowing how to use third-party data like a pro to maximize your marketing impact while minimizing risks.

What You'll Learn

During this must-attend webinar, you’ll explore:

  • Navigating Compliance and Privacy: Understand the legal landscape, and how to vet third-party data partners for compliant practices. 
  • Building Trust Through Transparency: Learn how transparent data governance policies can alleviate consumer concerns and foster trust in the cannabis market.
  • Responsible Data Practices: Gain insights into sourcing data ethically, securing storage, and empowering consumers to make informed decisions about their privacy.

By the end of this comprehensive webinar, you’ll walk away with a 360-degree understanding of how to navigate the increasingly intricate world of cannabis  third-party data and how leveraging data compliantly in marketing campaigns can foster trust and lay the foundation for long-term consumer relationships.

Featured Speaker

Matt Taverna

Matt Taverna
Data Guru & Principal / Statara Solutions

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