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Connecting cannabis, CBD, and alcohol businesses to consumer audiences―across devices, media channels, and at every stage of the digital buying journey

Cannabis Brands

Cannabis marketing is highly regulated, geo-specific, and closely monitored, so you need to know exactly who, what, and where you can market. And then you need to ensure your safe, compliant advertising campaigns are executed flawlessly. This is where we come in.

Every element of MediaJel’s programmatic cannabis marketing platform was purpose-built to deliver the most effective digital advertising solutions for US and global cannabis brands. Working with brands of all types and sizes, we’re here to help you identify, engage, and reach current consumers as well as your future loyal customers in a compliant, business-safe fashion.

CBD Brands

It’s no secret that demand for CBD health and wellness products is exploding worldwide. Fueled by rising acceptance and mainstream use of CBD-infused products as well as governmental approvals, the future for CBD is bright and predictions for continued growth are only positive.

That’s great news. But wow is the market getting crowded! With a seemingly never-ending stream of new oils, tinctures, concentrates, topicals, capsules, and edibles competing for customer awareness and valuable shelf space, CBD brands risk getting lost in a maze of industry noise and consumer confusion. We help clear your way to creating meaningful customer connections.

Regulated Brands

We’re all accustomed to seeing mainstream alcohol advertising and most of us can rattle off one favorite Super Bowl ad after another. But despite mass-market familiarity, brand marketers in regulated industries still face significant digital advertising barriers.

From required disclaimer inclusions to variations based on alcohol type (wine, beer, and liquor each have specialized rule sets), marketers are challenged to integrate traditional TV or radio advertising into age-safe, geo-safe, compliant digital campaigns that target only suitable audiences and avoid undue brand risk. That’s our specialty.

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How we do it


Digital marketing innovation is not led by the heft of hardware or the speed of processing. Rather, MarTech is fueled by a few key macro forces and is in the hands of the data scientists, technologists, and marketers who have empowered curious consumers and pushed predictability to the backseat. 

This is the complex (and crowded) global marketing ecosystem where the nascent cannabis industry must compete. 

And this is exactly where MediaJel was born to play.

Dispensary Retail

Successful dispensary advertising requires capturing the attention, footfall, and ongoing loyalty of local consumers with engaging, creative cannabis marketing. It’s a numbers-in-the-door game and geo-specific, precision-targeting matters. We help you attract new prospects into your dispensary and keep current customers coming back.

MediaJel leverages tightly defined geospacial data with rich first- and third-party datasets plus our proprietary identity graphing tools to build strategic, location-based audience targets. Our cannabis marketing platform helps drive consumer consideration to your dispensary, at the time and place when your audience is most engaged and ready to buy.

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delivery retail

From on-demand and scheduled delivery to subscription services and membership clubs, cannabis delivery allows consumers to safely, privately, and legally get the brands and products they prefer without leaving home. This presents a unique opportunity for delivery services.

In an ideal world, prospects would see your ads, come directly to your website and instantly click and convert. But we know the buyer’s journey is rarely linear, and the nascent cannabis delivery ecosystem brings with it customer questions and hesitations. With tools like contextual retargeting and geo-fencing, our programmatic platform helps keep interested audiences engaged in your offerings by funneling prospects through the education and decision-making process.


Almost every aspect of today’s consumer experience has a digital equivalent. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find a physical retailer that doesn’t also have at least some digital component. This is phygital―the blurring of lines between physical and digital.

While the term “phygital” may be new(ish), we all live in this intertwined world. Neighborhood dispensaries expand to offer local delivery. Cannabis brands develop direct to consumer subscription “bud of the month” services. The blurring of retail models creates opportunities and very real regulatory challenges. And for phygital retailers considering how best to identify, engage, and retain customers across multiple offerings, programmatic can deliver efficient and effective impact.

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From a dispensary launching in a local market to an established brand seeking to expand worldwide, programmatic can fuel your growth.

MediaJel is the industry’s digital marketing platform of choice for grow-focused brands and retailers like you.

Ready to accelerate?

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