Cannabis Marketing: A Comprehensive Approach

Connecting cannabis, CBD, and alcohol businesses to consumer audiences―across devices, media channels, and at every stage of the digital buying journey

The Cannabis Marketing Landscape

Timing and connection. These two critical digital marketing factors become even more challenging for businesses in regulated markets. Whether you’re in cannabis, CBD, or another regulated industry, MediaJel delivers compliant audiences across devices, media channels, and at every stage of the digital buying journey. 

With custom marketing technology solutions built expressly for controlled sectors, we connect the dots and create paths to those pivotal moments of interest that capture consumer attention.

Where it counts and nurture them appropriately down the funnel to conversion.

Bound by ever-changing compliance needs, paid media restrictions, content, and social media limitations—plus an increasingly competitive market—cannabis businesses must navigate a sea marketing complexities.

You are the expert in your industry. We specialize in converting the product / market fit you’ve found into solutions that drive you qualified traffic and revenue.

Regulated Marketing Strategies

Regulated Brand Marketing Strategies

What do cannabis brands, CBD brands, and alcohol brands have in common? They all exist in competitive, crowded markets and must navigate the complexities of an ever-changing regulatory landscape. In order for your brand to stand out from the crowd, you need forward-thinking and compliant strategies that are tailor-made for you.

Cannabis Brands

Brand marketing in cannabis is a particularly sticky challenge. Consumers often aren’t brand loyal, brands don’t generally have direct-to-consumer distribution channels set up, and markets are locally contained. 

Cannabis brand co-marketing campaigns in partnership with dispensaries that carry your products can build brand awareness and increase sales and product sell-through for both businesses. This is a fantastic way to invest in the brand/retail relationship and ignite brand awareness and loyalty in new geos. 

Co-marketing campaigns will ultimately drive increased revenue for dispensaries as ecommerce checkout experiences allow customers to purchase other products on their site as well as yours.  However, before diving into advertising, cannabis and CBD brands must ensure they have dedicated landing pages and special offers prominently displayed on the dispensary’s website. Additionally, when entering such partnerships, it’s prudent for brands to negotiate contracts or seek reduced shelving fees, given their active investment in the collaboration.

Not only that, but cannabis marketing is highly regulated, geo-specific, and closely monitored—so you need to know exactly who, what, and where you can market.

Then you need to ensure your safe, compliant advertising campaigns are executed flawlessly. This is our specialty.

Every element of MediaJel’s programmatic cannabis marketing platform was purpose-built to deliver the most effective digital advertising solutions for both US-based and global cannabis brands. Working with cannabis-related brands of all types and sizes, we’re here to help you identify and engage current and potential customers in a compliant, business-safe fashion.

Cannabis Brands Resources

It’s no secret that demand for CBD health and wellness products is exploding worldwide. US sales alone reached $1.9 billion in 2022. Fueled by rising acceptance and mainstream use of CBD-infused products, as well as governmental approvals and a growing body of research, the future for CBD is bright. Predictions for continued CBD market growth are positive.

CBD Brands

Growth and consumer acceptance are becoming so widespread that Google has been forced to take note, updating its advertising policies to allow low-THC hemp products when they are certified with LegitScript. CBD brands now have access to consumers on both Google and YouTube—but wow, is the market getting crowded!

With a seemingly never-ending stream of new oils, tinctures, concentrates, topicals, capsules, and edibles competing for customer awareness and valuable shelf space, CBD brands risk getting lost in a maze of industry noise and consumer confusion. 

Without a clear Unique Value Proposition and forward-thinking marketing strategies, your brand can quickly get lost in the mix. We help clear your way to creating meaningful customer connections. Our core competencies in paid search, display advertising, and SEO have been built, refined, and honed in the cannabis industry to help your brand succeed.

CBD Brand Resources

Regulated Brands

In more mature regulated markets such as alcohol, the competition is even more stiff. There are countless brands vying for consumer attention and loyalty, with new brands and products being launched regulary. Meanwhile, consumer attitudes are changing alongside consumption patterns. 

Branding strategies must adapt. We know that it has never been more important to understand and speak directly to your ideal buyers across multiple channels, and we provide creative digital tactics to find them and help you break through the noise. With our unmatched marketing and advertising tools for regulated businesses, we can provide you with mainstream digital access to your audiences that is government-verified and completely LDA-compliant.

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Regulated Brands Resources

How we do it


Digital marketing innovation is not led by the heft of hardware or the speed of processing. Rather, MarTech is fueled by a few key macro forces and is in the hands of the data scientists, technologists, and marketers who have empowered curious consumers and pushed predictability to the backseat. 

This is the complex (and crowded) global marketing ecosystem where the nascent cannabis industry must compete. 

And this is exactly where MediaJel was born to play.

Cannabis Dispensaries

Successful dispensary advertising requires capturing the attention, footfall, and ongoing loyalty of local consumers with engaging and creative messaging. It’s a numbers-in-the-door game, and geo-specific, precision-targeting matters. We help you attract new prospects into your dispensary and keep your UVP top of mind so your existing customers keep coming back.

MediaJel leverages tightly defined geospatial data with rich first- and third-party datasets, plus our proprietary identity graphing tools to build strategic, location-based audience targets. 

Our cannabis marketing platform helps nurture your local audiences and drive consumer consideration to your dispensary at the time and place when your audience is most engaged and ready to buy.

We can attract new customers while empowering your customer retention and re-engagement strategies through the power of programmatic dispensary advertising.

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With tailored solutions and full-service management for any sized business, MediaJel becomes a value-added extension of your dispensary marketing team by offering truly ground-breaking capabilities for accessing government-verified, age compliant audiences with complete revenue attribution tracking. 

man delivery medical marijuana to customer's home

From on-demand and scheduled delivery to subscription services and membership clubs, the introduction of ecommerce to the cannabis industry now allows consumers to safely, privately, and legally get the cannabis brands and products they prefer without even meeting a budtender. Whether they place an order online for pickup or delivery, your touchless brand experience must stand out from the crowd and educate the buyer.

From on-demand and scheduled delivery to subscription services and membership clubs, the introduction of ecommerce to the cannabis industry now allows consumers to safely, privately, and legally get the cannabis brands and products they prefer without even meeting a budtender.

Cannabis Delivery

Whether they place an order online for pickup or delivery, your touchless brand experience must stand out from the crowd and educate the buyer.

Cannabis delivery has become the new frontier in cannabis commerce, which comes as little surprise given the rise in ecommerce shopping habits we’re seeing post-pandemic. 80% of American consumers now name speed and convenience as two of the most important elements of a positive customer experience.

In an ideal world, prospects would see your ads, come directly to your website, and instantly click and convert. But we know the buyer’s journey is rarely linear, and the nascent cannabis delivery ecosystem brings with it customer questions and hesitations. 

With tools that provide prime tactics for the nascent delivery ecosystem, such as contextual retargeting and geo-fencing, our programmatic platform helps keep interested audiences engaged in your offerings by funneling prospects through the education and decision-making process.

Marketing Alcohol

We’re all accustomed to seeing mainstream alcohol advertising, and most of us can rattle off one favorite Super Bowl ad after another. But despite the mass-market familiarity, brand marketers in alcohol and other regulated industries still face significant digital advertising barriers.

From legal drinking age (LDA) compliance to placement restrictions and ethical considerations, adhering to federal oversight while navigating a patchwork of state regulations may sound all too familiar to cannabis businesses. The alcohol industry navigates the same types of regulation challenges and may be missing out on significant opportunities in paid search and display advertising.

Marketers are challenged to integrate advertising into age-safe, geo-safe, compliant digital campaigns that target only suitable audiences and avoid undue brand risk. That’s our specialty.


Regulated Alcohol

In partnership with Statara Solutions, global​ leaders in data, analytics, polling, and outreach, we’ve developed DemoGraph, an unparalleled digital advertising solution that offers government-verified age data for 90% LDA compliance so you can leave compliance worries behind.

Reach your target audiences confidently and compliantly while tapping into marketing and advertising possibilities you didn’t even know existed.


Almost every aspect of today’s consumer experience has a digital equivalent. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find a physical retailer that doesn’t also have at least some digital component. This is phygital―the blurring of lines between physical and digital.

While the term “phygital” may be new(ish), we all live in this intertwined world. Neighborhood dispensaries expand to offer local delivery.

Bridging the Physical-Digital Gap

Cannabis brands develop direct-to-consumer subscription “bud of the month” services.

The blurring of retail models creates opportunities and very real regulatory challenges. For phygital retailers considering how best to identify, engage, and retain customers across multiple offerings, programmatic can deliver efficient and effective impact.

Our expertise in geo-targeted, programmatic display advertising allows you to dial in your efforts by serving ads to customers in the physical proximity of your location or delivery business—or when they’re visiting competing retailers. 

Find your consumer base in places where they are likely to congregate or re-target consumers to usher them along their journey. With geo-targeted programmatic advertising, you can bridge the phygital divide seamlessly to drive consumer engagement and conversion.

Purpose-Built Marketing Platforms

Custom-built and proprietary, MediaJel’s digital marketing and data management solutions deliver fully compliant precision ad target identification, multi-device and geospacial retargeting, and multi-touch attribution technologies. 

Our programmatic advertising platform provides real-time, easy-to-understand, and transparent reporting. Our revenue attribution metrics track ad impressions through the buyer’s journey to transactions so you can identify buying patterns and challenges and invest in cannabis advertising strategies that drive sales.

With DemoGraph, you can reach compliant target audiences, accelerate revenue generation, and optimize advertising impact.

marketing platform

We are the exclusive data solution provider offering up to 90% LDA compliance, all with premium mainstream ad inventory and live insights into top-performing inventory and creatives, ensuring easy optimization of your advertising efforts.  

digital marketing

Digital Marketing for Regulated Companies

MediaJel custom-built the industry’s best digital marketing platform for cannabis and other regulated industries with a clear mission to break down those frustrating roadblocks that can prevent your business from moving forward.

We’re here to change the way regulated industries do digital marketing.

And we’re driven by a clear purpose―to remove barriers and deliver actionable data that power high-performance, high-return campaigns. Our core competencies in paid search, display advertising, and SEO work together to do just that.  

Every Cannabis Marketing Problem Has a Solution,

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A Crowded and Competitive Market

The cannabis industry is quickly maturing and evolving. Increasing market competition driven by new entrants, a diversification of products, and ongoing consolidation mean that successfully navigating the cannabis marketing landscape requires a deep understanding of both regulated industries and the nuances of marketing cannabis using white hat, effective, and compliant tactics. MediaJel offers swift deployment of innovative marketing strategies, keeping the big picture at the forefront: Your differentiators and your individual strategic business goals.

For cannabis brands and dispensaries in a crowded and competitive market, a crucial task is building a loyal brand following to ensure you are well-positioned to deepen your market presence and beat out the competition in the long term. 


Build Your Unique Value Proposition and Target the Right Audience

With the level of product diversification cannabis is now experiencing, consumers can easily become distracted by competing cannabinoids, terpenes, trends or formats. 

So, what makes your business different? In a competitive market, defining and refining your unique value proposition (UVP) is a strategic imperative. It helps you distinguish your brand, connect with your target audience, and ultimately drive growth and success.

MediaJel’s regulated industry subject matter experts are here to help you define, test, and tune the differentiators that resonate with the cannabis audiences you want to connect with.

Marketing that is driven by a deep understanding of your target audience has never been more important. Our deep expertise in regulated markets, coupled with our unparalleled marketing attribution and data tools, will allow your business to drive your UVP with the right message delivered at the right time to support their customer journey stage.


Compliance, Privacy, and Data-Sharing Regulations

Balancing the need for data-driven marketing with customers’ privacy rights requires careful planning and execution. Additionally, if your business operates in multiple jurisdictions, you may need to navigate the complexities of cross-border data sharing while complying with data protection laws.

Cannabis brands and dispensaries need partners who are able to provide privacy-driven ads and give them control over the consumer data collected.


Data-Driven Marketing

More than 60% of high-growth companies are shifting to a first-party data strategy. Instead of paying aggregators (like Weedmaps or Leafly) who only lease consumers to brands and dispensaries.

Partnering with MediaJel provides your business with access to our growing suite of first-party data solutions and cannabis marketing experts who tailor your access to real-time MarTech and AdTech analytics. And it’s all contained within our centralized reporting platform that aggregates your valuable data in one proprietary dashboard, DemoGraph, that is customized to regulated industries.


Navigating Google for Cannabis Businesses

There’s no ignoring Google: they control 92% of all search traffic. With SEM, or Google Ads, there are strict guidelines that can get your ad account suspended with one wrong move. For organic traffic, once you’re ranked on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), there’s a fight for Page 1 results because less than 1% of searchers will go beyond that coveted search space. This makes SEO a foundational element in digital marketing, particularly for brick-and-mortar businesses that also provide ecomm for delivery or pickup in competitive, geolocated regions.


Leverage Multiple Channels

Diversify the marketing channels you’re using so that your company’s website SEO is tuned to drive growth and flex with Google’s regular algorithm updates, then support it with the best digital advertising tactics available for Cannabis Google Ads, and Geo-Targeted Display Ads to meet your target audience where they are spending time online.

Building a robust cannabis marketing strategy should combine underutilized channels such as video, CTV, and digital out-of-home (DooH) with advanced data targeting tactics to make the right connections with your audience at the right buying moments. Put the power of targeting data—such as proximity, behavioral, time of day, and weather—to become top of mind at pivotal points throughout a potential or existing customer’s journey. This journey includes both the flow of their day and their position in the marketing funnel, which only reliable data can inform.


Effectively and Efficiently Scaling Your Brand

Growth can be messy. You want to scale your brand while maintaining a consistent customer experience and optimizing the use of resources and funds. A narrow advertising focus and a superficial SEO approach won’t get you there. The data says it all: it now takes six to eight touchpoints to win a single purchase, and 90% of consumers expect brand experience consistency across all channels.


Omnichannel Marketing

Customers are savvy and their expectations are higher than ever. People want seamless, consistent brand experience across all channels they engage with, whether they’re shopping online, receiving an ad or email, visiting the store, or engaging on social media. Omnichannel marketing makes that possible by bridging the digital and physical divide and creating unified customer experiences across online and offline channels for every brand interaction. A true omnichannel experience turns prospects into loyal customers because they know exactly the level of engagement, personalization, and customer service they can look forward to.   

MediaJel can help bridge the gaps that a full omnichannel experience requires. By tapping into our advanced data and analytics dashboard we develop unique marketing campaigns for regulated businesses tailored to their deep first-party data insights and consumer purchasing behaviors.  

Real-World Impact

Explore how our strategic, data-driven approach has driven real-world success for our clients.

MediaJel is the industry’s digital marketing platform of choice for grow-focused brands and retailers like you.

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