Cannabis DTC Strategies That Spark Demand with Ginger Commerce Founder & CEO Roie Edery

From Ziplock Bags to CPG and eCommerce, cannabis has come a long way in the past decade but is your brand ready for the direct-to-consumer (DTC) cannabis revolution?

Build Out Your Cannabis DTC Strategy

Traditionally, selling through retailers has been the easiest option for brands to connect their products with customers. However, with astronomical shelving costs and increased competition, it’s time for brands to reprioritize their sales channels and create brand loyalty with their audiences.

Putting your products directly in front of customers at competitive prices allows your brand to spark meaningful connections and truly own those consumer relationships (and data too!)

If your cannabis brand has attempted to navigate the DTC waters before without success, the time has come to try, try again. The technical infrastructure to support DTC sales and advertising has dramatically improved, and the benefits far outweigh the risks of getting left behind as our cannabis industry professionalizes. But, of course, there will always be benefits and drawbacks to making significant changes in how you sell your products, and we will touch on how you can manage and maintain positive relationships throughout the process.

If you want to know what a go-to-market Cannabis DTC strategy entails, join Ginger Commerce Founder & CEO Roie Edery for an expert-level discussion outlining everything you need to know to make your DTC launch a wild success.

During our 60-minute webinar, we’ll tackle:

  • What to plan for when considering by-passing traditional distribution/retail store sales models
  • How to stoke consumer demand for your DTC brand
  • Don’t burn dispensary bridges. Learn how to create a win-win DTC strategy that won’t alienate your current sales and distribution channels
  • The omnichannel marketing plan and ad budget you need to have in place to ensure success.

It is game on for cannabis businesses to operate and advertise just like any mainstream regulated brand on the market. But, are you ready?

Here’s A Preview Of The Webinar

> [8 MIN] Finding Your Loyal Cannabis Brand Customers

> [10:40 MIN] Cannabis DTC Sales Gives Customers Access to Your Entire Line of SKUs

> [12:30 MIN] How To Market Your Cannabis Brand

> [14:40 MIN] How to Leverage your First Party Data and Build Deep Connections with Cannabis Consumers

> [16:30 MIN] Don’t let Third Party Cannabis Platforms Rank Higher on Google Search Than Your Cannabis Brand

> [22 MIN] Future Proofing Your Cannabis Brand eCommerce Set Up

> [24:40 MIN] How to Be Considerate of Cannabis Retail Partners That Carry The Same Products

> [29 MIN] The Future of DTC – How Much Revenue Can You Generate with DTC Cannabis Sales

> [34:45 MIN] Calculating Cannabis Brand Customer Lifetime Value and Cost Per Acquisition

> [37:30 MIN]  The Black Hole of Cannabis Billboards and Cannabis Social Media Influencers

> [38 MIN] The CPG Evolution of Cannabis Brands

> [42 MIN] Calculating Cannabis Brand Loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value

> [45 MIN] Activating your Social Media Channels

> [46:30 MIN] Did You Know 40% of Nike’s revenue is DTC?!

> [50 MIN] You CAN Advertise Cannabis Online

> [52 MIN]  Cannabis Wellness Brands Require Consumer Education, Introduction, and Information

> [55 MIN] Funding Your Cannabis Brand Advertising with MediaJel Capital

Contact us today and we can build out a personalized cannabis DTC strategy that supports your business and builds loyal, raving cannabis customers.

Webinar Highlights

Defining Cannabis Brand Loyalists

00:08:12 – 00:08:36: Roie Edery, Founder and CEO of Ginger Commerce, explores his interpretation of “direct to consumer” (DTC). He describes DTC as a strategy aimed at engaging and discovering brand loyalists—individuals who consistently order products, possibly through a subscription model, and have a genuine affinity for the brand. Edery emphasizes that these consumers are motivated by their loyalty to the brand rather than immediate needs, such as attending a party. His approach fosters a strong brand connection and builds a base of dedicated and recurring customers.

DTC Gives Cannabis Customers Access To Your Entire Product Catalog

00:10:39- 00:11:58: MediaJel and Roie Edery explain that the advantages of directing customers to a brand’s website include bypassing retail partners or delivery services. Instead, brands can own the customer relationship, giving shoppers access to the entire product catalog. This approach will enable brands to monetize web traffic, build first-party consumer audiences, and increase profit margins. Roie highlights the benefits of understanding consumer behavior and preferences instead of selling through retail channels, which reduces control over customer relationships and margins. 

Using First-Party Data to Build Relationship With Your Cannabis Customers

 00:14:36 – 00:17:09: MediaJel explains that cannabis brands need to own their customers. A well-established website and e-commerce platform enables brands to collect, retain, and activate first-party data. This data, in turn, facilitates various marketing strategies, including retargeting, display and programmatic campaigns, and engagement through channels like text messages, emails, and push notifications.

MediaJel highlights the value of building deeper connections with customers and encouraging them to share their experiences on social media to provide reviews, offering valuable feedback. Third-party reviews enhance credibility and empower brands to improve their products. The overarching theme is using first-party data to strengthen customer relationships and enhance brand perception.

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