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Effective Cannabis Marketing

The maze of challenges that cannabis brands must overcome to establish awareness, develop recognition, drive sales, and build long-term brand equity may seem inescapable. You need a reliable platform under you and an expert team beside you.

The Cannabis Marketing & Advertising Dilemma

Every cannabis marketer, regardless of product type, company size, or market geography, faces a similar adverting dilemma. There are no fill-in-the-blank templates for cannabis. No simple answers. No basic models from which to build a growth-focused, goal-oriented advertising strategy.

With cannabis still banned by the federal U.S. government as a “Schedule 1” drug while also being legalized to varying degrees across 37 states, the rules surrounding cannabis advertising are murky at best. In response, many media outlets have simply chosen to reject cannabis advertising outright to avoid finding themselves in the crosshairs of federal regulators.

Building your Cannabis Advertising Strategy

This supply-side avoidance has, to date, included the backbones of consumer-facing digital advertising: Google, Facebook, and Instagram (although we’re seeing cracks around the edges, particularly with CBD). Because of these barriers, many cannabis marketers incorrectly presume that their brands are either cut off from digital advertising altogether or relegated to substandard placements on overcrowded industry sites or low-quality, poor-traffic supply options.

So, here’s where we are. Across the cannabis industry, ready-to-grow brands either don’t even attempt digital cannabis advertising or are stalled, dabbling around the edges not sure how to engage effectively. This is where the beauty of opportunity comes in and why now is the right time to build your programmatic cannabis advertising strategy. And, this is precisely what MediaJel’s software platform delivers.

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innovative digital marketing software to solve your cannabis advertising challenges

Programmatic advertising (for everything else under the sun) has skyrocketed in recent years. Fueled by increased spending online and bolstered by growing mobile video ad budgets, total programmatic ad spend in 2020 was over $355 billion USD and accounts for about 86% of all U.S. digital display spend. And similar to the growth trajectory of cannabis, there’s no slowdown in sight.

The process and terminology of programmatic advertising may be new for many cannabis marketers. But for mainstream digital advertising, it’s the undeniable approach of choice for maximizing reach and minimizing the wasteful spend of “spray and pray”. At MediaJel, we believe it’s time cannabis brands fully benefitted from the power of programmatic advertising.

How Programmatic Works

Programmatic advertising leverages big data, customized datasets, and AdTech software to automate what was once done manually. Using demand-side platforms (DSPs), advertisers set parameters for relevant audience and publishers. This helps ensure that ads reach their intended audience efficiently, wasting neither time nor money on irrelevant viewers. Publishers put their ad space up for auction via supply side platforms (SSPs), and then exchange platforms play matchmaker.

Now imagine an exchange platform with direct access to over 36,500 media outlets worldwide via a private ad marketplace? This is what we built MediaJel to do, plus so much more.

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Data-Driven Precision

MediaJel’s cutting-edge digital marketing and programmatic advertising platform offers cannabis brands – of all types and sizes – exclusive and direct access to cannabis-friendly advertising channels worldwide. Our private marketplace hosts the superior ad supply you need to find, reach, engage, and nurture brand-raving loyal customers.

Purpose-built to solve the unique challenges of cannabis advertising, our platform uses big data, audience insights, and proprietary technology to tailor brand messages to the right person, at the right moment, and in the right (plus safe and compliant!) context.

Advertise with confidence: Our team is your team

Our dedicated team of big data strategists, world-class technologists, and business enthusiasts built MediaJel’s digital marketing platform to engage hard-to-reach customers across complex digital journeys. We understand the strict and often confusing branding challenges your cannabis company faces. As importantly, we recognize the tremendous growth opportunities you have before you.

With exclusive global access to cannabis-friendly and brand-safe ad inventory across all media platforms, MediaJel’s private marketplace delivers the right mix of channels and ad placements to bring your cannabis advertising strategy to life.

Every day, we work to ensure that your cannabis advertising strategy benefits from the best possible combinations of exclusive premium ad inventory, precision-targeting audience data, and real-time reporting analytics. And as your campaign unfolds, our team of programmatic ad traders and optimization specialists monitor impressions, gauge performance, and skillfully adjust your individualized campaign parameters to help achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Many of the cannabis industry’s fastest growing brands have trusted MediaJel with their cannabis advertising strategy and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you and explore how we can help you grow.

we can solve your ad challenges

At MediaJel, we thrive on challenges. And the dilemmas faced by cannabis advertisers fuel our mission to level the marketing playing field for our clients - no matter your current size, footprint, or geography.

Advertising your cannabis brand should be an effective use of your time and marketing budget. With MediaJel, it will be.

Together, we make great things happen.

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