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How to Sell Weed Online: Tips and Tricks for Building a Successful Ecommerce Store

Real-Time, Customer-Centric Cannabis Ecommerce Menu As with all aspects of retail, understanding the finer points of selling marijuana online involves putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Just as you wouldn’t visit a restaurant with an out-of-date or hard-to-read menu, you probably wouldn’t visit a dispensary without knowing—in crystal-clear and explicit […]

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Marijuana Advertising Network: Your Gateway to Millions of Cannabis Users

Marijuana Advertising Network: Background of Ad Networks As we alluded to earlier, an advertising network—or “ad network”—is a business that helps advertisers find publishers to run their ads. Scholars of digital marketing generally name DoubleClick, founded in 1996 by two partners, as one of the first successful advertising networks. Some […]

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How to Get More Online Orders with Dispensary Digital Advertising

How to Drive Online Orders with Dispensary Digital Advertising: Display Ads Google isn’t the only name in town when it comes to search engines, but with a whopping 92% of the market share, it might as well be. And among Google’s digital ad platform offerings, one of the principal ones […]

Medical Marijuana Marketing
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Medical Marijuana Marketing Basics: Finding Your Target Audience

Medical Marijuana Marketing: Tools to Identify Your Target Audience All successful endeavors—whether they’re business ventures or personal quests—begin with a moment of clarity. And if you’re in the process of identifying and marketing to an audience, being specific tends to be far more effective than trying—and failing—to be everything to […]


Our passion for the cannabis business community combined with our love of innovative digital marketing drove us to architect and custom-build our proprietary platform. And our goal is that the MarTech and cannabis industry resources included in this library will help elevate the digital marketing and advertising conversation for regulated industries. We hope you visit us here often!

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Tricks of the Dispensary Trade: Cannabis Sales You Should Be Running

Cannabis Sales: “Percentage Off” Sales Simple to implement and simple to understand, the “xx% off” sale is considered by many analysts to be overall the most popular type of retail sale. Quoted in an interview on, Mike Catania, CTO of puts it simply: “Storewide percentage discounts typically work […]

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Supercharge Your Sales: Tips & Tricks for Selling Cannabis Online

Selling Cannabis Online: Maximizing Your Menu If online menus were a once flashy add-on, today they’re something much more vital: A constantly updated, trustworthy, and accurate representation of your dispensary stock. Anyone who’s ever had to manage an angry customer who’d driven to your dispensary only to find his or […]

Website Strategy

How—and Why—to Get an SSL Certificate for Your Dispensary Website

What Is an SSL Certificate? In this day and age, online security and trustworthiness is more important than ever. And having an SSL—short for “Secure Sockets Layer”—certificate is an intuitive and admirably simple signal you can send to your visitors that tells them that your website is safe to browse. […]

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Capture More Customers (and Improve Your SEO): How to Measure Your Website UX

How to Measure Your Website UX Determining UX combines qualitative—that is, subjective—and quantitative, or objective measurements. Objective measurements, in this case, might mean numbers of user errors, unfilled forms, or carts abandoned mid-session. Subjective measurements might include customer satisfaction, recommendations, or complaints having to do with the design and functionality […]

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