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Cannabis Social Media Platform
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Cannabis Business Social Networks: A Guide for Growing Your Social Media Strategy

The Role of Cannabis Business Social Networks: Change is constant in the cannabis industry. Professionals and enthusiasts alike want to stay updated on new developments, trends, and regulations. However, the objectives of joining a cannabis social network differ vastly between professionals and enthusiasts. Professionals have to do more than scroll […]

Social Media Marketing

Navigating Twitter’s New Cannabis and CBD Advertising Policy

Twitter announces cannabis and CBD advertising policy update allowing cannabis companies to advertise on Twitter. Find out what this means for your cannabis social media marketing strategy and how to launch cannabis ads on Twitter.

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Social Media Trends: Which Platforms Should Your Dispensary Be On?

Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Dispensary Be On? Latest Data Let’s kickstart the process by examining the latest data on social media usage and trends. Some of our data comes courtesy of the good folks at HubSpot and Talkwalker. The two social media analytics firms teamed up in order […]

Social Media Marketing

Beyond Song and Dance: Get More Views on Your Dispensary TikTok Account

Dispensary TikTok Account: Vital Stats So far as social media goes, TikTok is rising in popularity, many prefer it over Facebook and Instagram these days. According to recent data, during the last six years the app has surged to the #6 slot in the social media sweepstakes, beating out Snapchat, […]


Our passion for the cannabis business community combined with our love of innovative digital marketing drove us to architect and custom-build our proprietary platform. And our goal is that the MarTech and cannabis industry resources included in this library will help elevate the digital marketing and advertising conversation for regulated industries. We hope you visit us here often!

Dispensary Clubhouse
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Listen, Learn, Share: What to Talk About on Your Dispensary Clubhouse Account

How to Use Your Dispensary Clubhouse Account: Listen and Learn If you’re just getting the hang of your dispensary Clubhouse account, devote the first few weeks to learning the lay of the land. Begin by creating a compelling profile for your account, one that showcases your brand identity, strengths, and […]

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The Next Revolution In Marketing? Understanding Programmatic Advertising

Welcome to the era of programmatic advertising, a whole new way to purchase and leverage the ad space we use to market dispensaries (along with every other kind of business). While programmatic advertising is already in widespread use, some analysts estimate that by the end of 2021, fully 88% of […]

Social Media Marketing  |  Tips

3 Key Considerations When Renting a Space for Your Dispensary

Leasing Dispensary Space: Understanding the Landscape First things first: When you’re evaluating a potential space to lease, does it have the basic physical features a dispensary needs? Consult your dispensary business plan for a refresher; these features should include: Secure warehouse or storage space Ample floor space for a welcoming […]

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Supercharge Your Sales: Tips & Tricks for Selling Cannabis Online

Selling Cannabis Online: Maximizing Your Menu If online menus were a once flashy add-on, today they’re something much more vital: A constantly updated, trustworthy, and accurate representation of your dispensary stock. Anyone who’s ever had to manage an angry customer who’d driven to your dispensary only to find his or […]

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