Guidelines for Writing an About Page for Listing Sites

Online cannabis directories are an easy and convenient way for customers to find local cannabis dispensaries, products, and events.

Directories like Weedmaps and Leafly can even give customers on-the-go directions to the nearest dispensary that carries their favorite strain.

For dispensaries, this means that effectively taking advantage of cannabis directories and listing sites can lead to greater exposure and more customers.

It’s generally a good idea to provide directories with as much information as possible, for both sales and SEO purposes. One way to do this is by filling out an about page for your dispensary directory listing. If the directory allows it, writing an about page can serve multiple functions and can be a great way to put your brand and dispensary on display.

Why Should You Bother Writing an About Page for Directory Listings?

For starters, filling out your directory page can be an excellent opportunity to drive traffic directly to your website and social media presence. Plus, about pages can function as a way to entice new customers with first-time deals and to display attractive photos of your storefront. A well-developed directory page shows professionalism and credibility and is capable of drawing customers in.

What Sections Should Be Included When Writing an About Page?

The content of your page should be structured into several different sections. These should seek to inform the customer about the identity of your dispensary (who you are and what you do), provide them with information about your business (hours, contact, etc.), and entice them with promotional information.


writing an about page introduction
An introduction section is a place for you to talk about your dispensary. This is a good place to talk about what you do, where you do it, and why you do it. The introduction should communicate the core identity of the dispensary. This is a great place to include a positioning statement that defines your business and sets your dispensary apart from the competition.

Technical Information (NAP)

You should also devote a section to technical information such as your dispensary’s address, hours of operation, and phone number. This is a perfect spot to get NAP mentions and boost your local SEO!

Contact Information

writing an about page 3
When writing an about page, don’t forget to include your contact information. Directory pages can be a great way to drive traffic to both your website and your social media accounts. Also, don’t forget to include an email link where vendors and shoppers can directly contact you.

Amenities and Extra Info

If the directory allows for it, you should try to include whatever extra information may be of interest to your customers. For instance, you can mention that your dispensary has an on-site ATM or wheelchair ramp access. You can also state whether your dispensary services medical or recreational customers and any customer requirements like for example state age limits.

Information for First-Time Customers

The about page can be a good place to display any promotions that you may offer for new customers. These should be placed separately from other offers so as to specifically entice visitors to become customers.

Long-Term Specials and Promotions

writing an about page woman looking at specials
Remember to include other relevant offers or promotions when writing an about page. If you have a weekly or daily menu (ex: 10% off Saturdays), or a promotion for a specific demographic (ex: 10% off for seniors), this is the place to put it.

It’s a good idea to avoid including short-term promotions on this page. If you are planning on updating this page regularly to display new offers and information, then doing so may be ok. However, leaving expired offers and promotions on your directory pages is sloppy and unprofessional, and could end up telling customers more about you than you actually want them to know!


Lastly, if the directory allows it, don’t forget to include photos of your dispensary and the kinds of products you sell.
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