Dispensary Listings: How They Can Help Your Business

In the age of online marketing, listing services have become an increasingly important source of status and reputation for businesses to master. Services like Google My Business that were considered irrelevant in the past are now used by almost every business to generate the trust and traffic they need to thrive.

MediaJel now offers cannabis businesses support for Weedmaps and Leafly, vital dispensary listing services that share your important contact info with your target audience. Crafting a comprehensive digital strategy is crucial for cannabis companies to compete in a rapidly growing marketplace, and Weedmaps and Leafly have become the intersections for consumers to acquire information about dispensaries in their area.

The Importance of Being Listed

With the amount of traffic that flows through websites like Weedmaps and Leafly, cannabis companies are doing themselves a disservice if they choose to opt out of interacting with these services. While Weedmaps is considered the premiere hub for dispensary listings, Leafly also offers visitors a detailed list of dispensaries in their area and experiences three times the amount of web traffic. However, Leafly’s traffic mostly comes from the information it provides about cannabis strains and products. Weedmaps is almost purely a dispensary listing website.

To maximize the efficiency of your digital marketing strategy, both services should be explored to discover how they can bolster engagement with your business and assist in growth for the future. Though both Weedmaps and Leafly should be considered an investment at 300 and 500 a month respectively, the prospective benefits can be immeasurable.

The Value of Dispensary Listing Services

Dispensary listing services provide a platform for customers to develop an awareness of your dispensary and acquire the information they need to make an informed purchase — plus they can link right to your online menu to make buying online easy. In an era where customers value trustworthiness and transparency more than many other attributes, maintaining a detailed presence on websites like Weedmaps and Leafly can help establish your brand’s reputation.

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Generating reviews on dispensary listing services are also a key component of any modern digital strategy. Reviews provide a track record of your business for customers to observe. In fact, customers are more likely to interact with businesses that have expansive review sections, as well as those businesses that take the time to respond to reviews, whether positive or negative.

While setting up a presence on a listing website can seem intimidating, the benefits to customer engagement are numerous. Over time, a dispensary listing service can become a valuable source of new business for dispensaries and companies that intelligently manage their activity.

How MediaJel Can Help

MediaJel specializes in helping businesses develop their unique digital marketing strategy. With our new support for Weedmaps and Leafly, our team can efficiently create a presence for any relevant business on each, and maximize the competitive advantage achieved from use of these platforms.

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First, our team runs an audit to determine which listing services are not being utilized to their full potential. We figure out what services a dispensary is missing from and work to establish an informative listing, providing potential customers with valuable information about your business.

MediaJel also has specific strategies for generating new reviews and managing review responses. With review management assistance from MediaJel, you can immediately begin seeing the benefits that dispensary listings can offer your company. Contact us to get started!