Are You Featured on the Right Dispensary Lists?

As the legal cannabis market continues to expand, dispensaries are looking for new ways to reach potential customers. One method of increasing your dispensary’s exposure is by getting listed on a dispensary list.

A dispensary list is just that — a list of dispensaries that are sorted and arranged based on different filters of features. The most common kinds of lists are local, state-wide, branded, and seasonal.

By getting listed, you will make it easier for potential customers to find you. Compared to other digital marketing ventures, registering your business in a dispensary directory is quick, easy, and, depending on the listing, economical.

Certain customer-oriented directories have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of hundreds of thousands of buyers each month. As such, if you are a dispensary owner or dispensary marketer, it pays to be listed in the correct directories.

What is a Dispensary List And Why Do They Matter?

A dispensary list is simply an index of cannabis dispensaries. These lists are a convenient way to sort through dispensaries based on certain criteria. Most lists are typically used by customers to find local dispensaries and promotions.

Directories can feature all sorts of information. Depending on the directory, it may include sortable information such as location, hours, designation (recreational/medicinal), products, promotions, events, reviews, and contact information.

dispensary list 4
Dispensary lists provide potential customers with an easy and convenient way to find and sort dispensaries, brands, or products. They can also provide customers with all kinds of information about products and promotions that may entice them to purchase from you.

Moreover, they also provide customers with all of the information they will need to reach your business physically or browse your online storefront.

If your dispensary’s search ranking and SEO signals are weak, directories can help you to build a presence, and increase your odds of being found. Moreover, having your site linked to (‘backlinked’) from high authority directory pages will also work to boost your SEO signals and page ranking in the long-run.

Why Should You Get Listed?

Lists and directories provide dispensaries with increased exposure, a place to promote products or events, and a way to raise their profile and name recognition. Additionally, getting listed will also make you easier to find for other businesses who may wish to work with you.

(Plus they serve as great backlinks!)

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The primary benefit of being listed in these indexes is that it provides potential customers with yet another way to discover your business or brand. Many lists allow customers to sort through dispensaries geographically, allowing them to find the best businesses, brands, and promotions near them. Being listed means being found. Neglecting to list your dispensary will place you at a competitive disadvantage against other local dispensaries.

What Are Some Dispensary Directories You Should Be Listed On?

The first indexes you should get listed in are those that provide customers with geographical information about your business.

Directories like weedmaps and Leafly are regularly used by cannabis consumers to find local dispensaries in their region. These kinds of indexes use GPS to direct customers to their nearest storefront. Because of their ease-of-use, utility, and popularity, these directories are the most profitable to be listed on.
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You should make sure that your dispensary appears on city-wide or state-wide lists. If your dispensary specializes in medical cannabis, appearing in directories designed for medical cannabis patients is crucial. Some state governments even host their own. It may also be beneficial to list your dispensary on any ‘tourism’ dispensary directories. The cannabis tourism industry is expected to keep expanding over the coming years and dispensaries in certain cities may be able to benefit from it.

MediaJel can make sure that your dispensary is indexed on lists and directories that will boost your SEO and exposure to local shoppers.

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