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Geo-Targeted Display Ads

Targeted cannabis display ad campaigns build brand awareness and net higher eCommerce conversions. Use our display ad network to get your compliant cannabis ads in front of high-intent target audiences on mainstream websites and apps and drive them to your cannabis brand, delivery, or dispensary menu.

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Learn how a powerful cannabis display advertising strategy can help you reach your target audience and drive sales to your cannabis business. With eye-catching and effective display ads, you can attract the attention of potential customers, build brand awareness, and stand out in a crowded market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business with cannabis display advertising – schedule your demo today!

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Radius Advertising

Setting a radius around your dispensary location and delivery area helps target consumers when they’re likely to buy.

Competitor Conquesting

Increase your market share by targeting consumers that have visited competing dispensaries with specialized ads built to convert.

Landmarks Advertising

Use sophisticated tools to determine where your customer base is likely to congregate, then offer them deals they can’t turn down.


Retargeted ads have the highest conversion rates and can drive cannabis and CBD customers back to your store time and time again.

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Is your marketing working for you? If you aren’t measuring your return on ad spend (ROAS), you probably don’t have a clear picture of whether your marketing is effective or not.
If you aren’t using all of the features of dispensary mobile ads, then you’re leaving sales on the table. By targeting specific locations to show your ads to potential customers, you can increase the likelihood that they’ll engage with your menu or stop by your shop.
Imagine the power of showing ads to people who are physically close to your shop — or close to your competition. With MediaJel’s mobile ads, you can get your message right in front of customers.

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Full E-Commerce Attribution

Analyze the effectiveness of your display ad campaigns with easy-to-understand, transparent reporting. Our revenue attribution reports track ad impressions through the buyer’s journey to transactions so you can identify buying patterns and challenges and invest in cannabis advertising strategies that drive sales.

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Search Engine Optimization, Display Ads, and Google Ads are all powerful tools on their own. But combining them into a unified, multi-channel campaign delivers maximum reach, increased profitability and exponential ROI.

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Frequently asked questions ​

Cannabis programmatic ads are digital advertisements targeted explicitly to cannabis consumers on the mainstream websites and apps they surf every day. 

The term programmatic refers to the automated buying and selling of digital ad space through demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs). DSPs are used by advertisers (cannabis businesses) to purchase ad inventory from various publishers, while publishers use SSPs to manage and sell their ad inventory. 

These platforms use data and targeting parameters such as demographics, interests, browsing behavior, and location to deliver ads to highly relevant audiences.

Programmatic ads can be displayed in various formats, including banner ads, native ads, video ads, mobile ads, audio ads, and digital billboards, and can be delivered across multiple devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet, DOOH, and connected devices like CTV.

Instead of traditional ad buying methods that involve manual negotiation and placement of ads, programmatic advertising allows for real-time bidding (RTB), where advertisers bid on ad inventory through auctions to reach their desired audiences and relies on technology to target and deliver ads in a more data-driven and efficient manner. 

Cannabis programmatic ads are targeted specifically to cannabis consumers. This means that your ads are more likely to reach audiences more inclined to purchase your cannabis products which generates higher ad engagement, click-throughs, and can lead to increased sales.

Cannabis advertisers bid on available publisher ad space (cannabis-approved websites and apps) to serve ads to targeted audiences of first and third-party data segments. Data segments are based on factors such as location (city, state), demographics (age, income), product preferences (edibles, flower, concentrates), and behaviors (visiting cannabis dispensaries or competitors). When a prospect matches the specified criteria, the ad is displayed in real-time as a banner ad on the website or app the prospect is browsing. Ads are only displayed within defined geographic areas and to target audiences that meet the data specification criteria. 

Using programmatic ads for cannabis marketing allows for more precise targeting and more efficient use of ad spend. Additionally, programmatic advertising allows for real-time optimization of campaigns to improve performance and ROAS.

Cannabis programmatic ads can include display or banner ads, video ads, native ads, audio ads, digital billboards, and more. With the help of MediaJel, businesses can create and implement effective programmatic ad campaigns across a range of ad formats served on a variety of devices like CTV, DOOH, Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet.

MediaJel is a “Full-Stack” AdTech Platform primarily built for regulated programmatic advertising. We offer a range of services, including geo-targeted display ads, SEO, and Paid Search campaigns on Google and Bing to help regulated businesses reach their target audiences, increase brand awareness and drive sales.