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The Power of Compliant SMS Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries

According to LeafBuyer Technologies, more than 90% of people open their text messages within minutes of receiving the text. Given the restrictions in cannabis marketing on most advertising platforms, high open rates make texting the most impactful channel to engage your cannabis customers. Unlike other tactics, SMS marketing has proven to deliver immediate results for dispensaries.

How immediate? Our partner LeafBuyer Technologies, a leading cannabis industry messaging platform, found that clients who send MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) texts see a 15-25% increase in same-day foot traffic.

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Data-Driven Cannabis Text Marketing

 The secret behind these incredible results is a combination of 4 factors: 

  • High Open Rates
  • Nuanced Targeting
  • Auto-Connect Campaigns
  • Data-Driven Insights

Most of us are always within reach of our phones. We’re also extremely likely to open any text we receive. Still, there are other reasons SMS marketing is highly profitable for dispensaries.  Text messages can be more personal and direct than other channels through nuanced targeting that segments audiences by demographic, behaviors, preferences, and customer journey stage. 

Cannabis customers often associate dispensary texts with valuable and time-sensitive information, especially when the dispensary segments its audience to send targeted promotions based on an individual’s purchase history. That’s why MMS texts see 80% fewer opt-outs and a 15% higher click-through rate.

Buzzworthy Benefits:

Leafbuyer and MediaJel Partner to Increase Dispensary Sales

Recognizing the power of text marketing, MediaJel has partnered with LeafBuyer to offer a compliant SMS marketing platform to cannabis dispensaries. This collaboration harnesses the strengths of MediaJel’s data expertise and LeafBuyer’s SMS platform, providing a powerful solution for dispensaries to navigate compliance hurdles while optimizing the impact and return on investment of their marketing efforts.

By combining MediaJel’s targeted approach to compliant digital ad campaigns and SEO with Leafbuyer’s prowess at converting opt-in audiences, dispensaries can efficiently scale their marketing to drive foot traffic and increase sales.  

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Our Streamlined Cannabis SMS Process

MJ x Leafbuyer

SMS Marketing in cannabis is powerful and LeafBuyer makes it oh-so simple. Your dedicated account manager will help you understand data and messaging regulations so your communications are always compliantly delivered. Start growing your contact list by using their website plugin,Text to Join or kiosks that allow your customers to opt-in. 

Using the LeafBuyer platform’s integration with all the top cannabis POS systems—Dutchie, Flowhub, Blaze, and Treez—you can develop audience targeting strategies based on your customer’s purchase history.

Auto-connect messaging features allow dispensaries to automatically send messages including order summaries, visit summaries, and winback incentives. Think your messages are already dialed in?  Test your theory and optimize better with comprehensive campaign analysis tools.

By understanding the data and developing customized messages, your campaigns will see higher open rates, click throughs, and conversions—all leading to increased sales.

  • Understand Compliance
  • Grow Contact List
  • Target POS Audiences
  • Set up Auto-Messaging
  • Customize Promotions
  • Analyze Campaigns
  • Increase Sales


Optimize your dispensary's growth by tapping into mobile marketing with a comprehensive strategy for website optimization SMS marketing.

Turn slow days into a series of rushes. Learn the text message marketing best practices that guarantee on-demand traffic, heighten loyalty, and increase revenue at dispensaries.

Don't say the wrong thing! Explore the essential dos and don'ts of cannabis SMS campaigns to maintain compliance and boost customer conversions.

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Frequently asked questions ​

Cannabis SMS Marketing is marketing through text messages. Businesses communicate directly with users who have opted in to receive messages from a dispensary. Marketers use their contact lists and POS data to send personalized SMS messages about products, promotions, and events while ensuring compliance with regional regulations.

SMS Marketing offers several benefits for cannabis businesses, including direct communication with opted-in customers, sending time-sensitive promotions, personalized messaging, and fostering two-way communication. It helps build customer engagement, promote new products, and maintain compliance with industry regulations by obtaining explicit consent for communication.

Yes, for Cannabis SMS Marketing to be compliant, businesses must adhere to strict consent regulations, regional requirements, and user privacy laws.

Yes, customization is a key feature of Cannabis SMS Marketing. Using customer data, you can tailor messages to an individual’s preferences by sending personalized promotions and activating targeted campaigns. 

Using the POS integration, SMS enhances audience targeting by sending segmented messages based on customer preferences and behaviors. Segmentation ensures that each message is relevant to the recipient’s demographics, interests, and purchasing history.

Yes, dispensaries benefit from the automation features that send personalized messages at the right time for customer retention. A thoughtful text that says “Happy Birthday” or “We miss you” opens a window of opportunity to build lasting connections with dispensary customers.

MediaJel has a team of experienced SEO specialists who stay up to date with the latest trends and algorithm updates. They continuously monitor website traffic and search rankings to make sure that their strategies are effective and up to date.

SMS Marketing metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and response rates offer insights into campaign effectiveness. This data helps cannabis businesses assess the impact of their messages, refine strategies, and make data-driven decisions for future SMS campaigns.