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The ability to precision-target audiences via compliant advertising is essential to the long-term growth and viability of CBD brands. Our omnichannel programmatic advertising platform delivers the right ad, to the right audience, at the right time.

CBD is Big Business with big competition

$13.4 billion USD. That’s the projected size of the global cannabidiol market by 2028. For comparison, just how huge will CBD soon be? The cannabidiol market forecast is on par to match the current size of U.S. mainstay sectors like Financial Services, Human Resources, and Energy, according to recent research. And within those few years, the projected CBD market will surpass – by several billion dollars – where U.S. Construction and Advertising & Marketing each are today. In other words, CBD is Big Business.

CBD Marketing Rules Remain Hazy

With opportunities this attractive, it’s no wonder that marketers for CBD brands are hungry for effective, engaging, and scalable approaches to reach new audiences around the world. If only the regulatory and corporate advertising ecosystems were moving with similar haste.

While some guardrails were eased when the U.S. legalized hemp-derived products in the 2018 Farm Bill, the federal legislation offered little to no guidance on selling, marketing, or advertising CBD.

And for businesses (like ad suppliers) who aren’t actively involved in the market, CBD regulations are as clear as mud. Hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal federally but still illegal under some state laws. Cannabis-derived CBD products, on the other hand, are illegal federally but legal under some state laws.

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where mainstream sees risk, we see opportunity to help CBD brands thrive

The result? Most CBD brands must wade carefully in a legal gray zone and the actual process of selling and advertising CBD remains a challenging endeavor. B2C advertising platforms, for their part, have also continued to muddy the waters. As prime example, CBD advertising policies for digital giants like Facebook and Google are, at best, inconsistent and confusing. Although irregular enforcement and a seemingly subjective easing of their own rules are allowing more CBD ads through the approval gates, advertisers cannot bank on these platforms for reliable ad approval (regardless of legality or past go-ahead) or for any ongoing traffic or revenue those ad campaigns may generate.

For CBD brands looking to capture market share and secure a defendable market leader footing in this skyrocketing industry, programmatic advertising with MediaJel offers you the most advanced proprietary software and data solutions for precision-targeting and audience scalability, omnichannel media presence, and real-time actionable analytics.

How Programmatic Works

Programmatic advertising leverages big data, customized datasets, and AdTech software to automate what was once done manually. Using demand-side platforms (DSPs), advertisers set parameters for relevant audience and publishers. This helps ensure that ads reach their intended audience efficiently, wasting neither time nor money on irrelevant viewers. Publishers put their ad space up for auction via supply side platforms (SSPs), and then exchange platforms play matchmaker.

Now imagine an exchange platform with direct access to over 36,500 media outlets worldwide via a private ad marketplace? This is what we built MediaJel to do, plus so much more.

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The #1 step in any programmatic ad campaign is to build target audiences that are personalized to your brand, products, and ideal consumers. Every audience we create for your campaign is rooted in data and verified by human insights. Our proprietary targeting tools use a comprehensive set of big data analytics, AI, and custom-curated datasets that include behavioral, contextual, geospacial, cross-device identity mapping, purchase footprints, and more.

With over 2.6 million identifiers at our fingertips, MediaJel’s software solutions expertly define, expand, and identify ideal CBD targets with the perfect blend of breadth and depth. Then, we introduce you.

Advertising CBD in a Competitive Market

Until now, sustainable and value-based CBD brand growth (and perhaps its subsequent world domination) have been mostly constrained by fragmented laws and regulatory frameworks governing how CBD companies can market, advertise, and sell their products―not by competition itself. But that balance is shifting quickly.

Rapid increases in demand coupled with continuing relaxations in compliance requirements as well as changing attitudes towards both cannabis-based and hemp-derived products from consumers and businesses alike, are all colliding to create a supernova market explosion. In addition to sheer market growth, there are wide-ranging variations across the CBD industry based on where you are, who you market to, and what type of product you produce.

Every day, new brands and new applications for CBD products are entering the market. Simply put, it’s getting crowded. And like other consumer markets that experience unfettered growth, we’re already seeing a rise in business consolidation and brand cannibalism.

Knowing precisely who your CBD target market is, where to find them, and how to engage with them will be critically important to ensuring you rise above the competition, both online and on store shelves. Programmatic advertising using MediaJel’s software can help you stand apart and establish your brand in the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers.

CBD Advertising: Your Head Start

As CBD brands vie for prized audience attention and consumer wallet share, you can establish a solid foothold by building long-term brand equity in the market. Cost-efficient and effective, our programmatic advertising solutions give you a head start in the competitive CBD race.

Target, reach, engage, and compel consumers to search for your CBD brand and buy your products.

Together, we make great things happen.