Cannabis Business Social Networks: A Guide for Growing Your Social Media Strategy

The business of cannabis has long lingered in the shadows. After all, it has been an illicit business since 1914. But even after state-level legalizations, the stigma has been difficult to shake with media outlets treating the industry as taboo and restricting cannabis presence on mainstream platforms. Thus, cannabis social networking platforms emerged, driven by the community’s inherent desire to share, discuss, and connect over their passion for the plant. 


Cannabis Social Media Platform

These specialized platforms now serve as virtual hubs where industry leaders, business owners, and enthusiasts can freely exchange thoughts, insights, and experiences to propel the industry forward. Despite increasing mainstream acceptance, major social platforms are only now beginning to open their feeds to cannabis content. However, stringent community guidelines still impede cannabis businesses from freely sharing their content. 

The Role of Cannabis Business Social Networks:

Change is constant in the cannabis industry. Professionals and enthusiasts alike want to stay updated on new developments, trends, and regulations. However, the objectives of joining a cannabis social network differ vastly between professionals and enthusiasts. Professionals have to do more than scroll through pictures and videos. You have to be an active participant. For an industry professional or a cannabis business, There are eight key goals for joining cannabis social platforms. 

  1. Learn about a wide range of topics influencing the industry.
  2. Understand the market including products, players, and regulations.
  3. Participate in a community that doesn’t stigmatize cannabis use.
  4. Network with brands, retailers, ancillary businesses and thought leaders.
  5. Search for job opportunities in the tight-knit industry.
  6. Watch the competition and understand their tactics.
  7. Build an audience that connects with your mission and purpose.
  8. Build authority in your areas of expertise.

To support your professional cannabis endeavors and dispensary social media efforts, we’ve curated a list of the best cannabis business social networks and mainstream social media platforms. These platforms offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with customers, peers, investors, and brands.

Our Top Cannabis Business Social Network Picks

Your business stands to gain invaluable visibility and engagement opportunities. Discover the potential benefits of establishing a presence on these dynamic platforms tailored to the needs of the cannabis industry.

CannaBuzz: Safe Space to Socialize

You don’t have to venture too far out of your comfort zone to start connecting with cannabis lovers and workers globally. CannaBuzz is a cannabis social network and community that feels just like the mainstream social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. This social network is all about creating a safe space (where your posts won’t get deleted) for cannabis enthusiasts to engage with each other. Users can watch videos, view photos, and even broadcast live while connecting with friends and industry leaders. Whether you’re a grower, breeder, entrepreneur, advocate, or just curious, CannaBuzz welcomes everyone in the cannabis and psilocybin communities. Most of the platform is free, but you’ll need a membership to access premium events, podcasts, and more awesome features. 

Leafwire: Connecting Cannabis Professionals and Investors

Leafwire, founded in 2018, is a social cannabis network specifically geared to businesses and professionals in the industry. Focused on fostering connections, sharing information, and facilitating collaborations, Leafwire aims to support the cannabis community’s growth and prosperity. Offering two profile options – cannabis professional or accredited investor – the platform is a hub for finding investors, employees, partners, and B2B clients. The professional atmosphere, similar to LinkedIn, emphasizes business development and investment opportunities rather than recreational discussions. In search of funds? Leafwire addresses the challenge of attracting investment in the cannabis industry by bridging the gap between potential investors and businesses seeking funding. Looking for a job? It also facilitates job searches and listings within the cannabis field. Looking for a community? The platform is perfect for networking, discussing industry trends, and sharing news. With the motto “No stigma, just business,” Leafwire is a useful resource for cannabis professionals to learn, connect, and recruit.

WeedClub: The Place to Connect with Verified Cannabis Businesses

WeedClub operates somewhere between Google Maps and Instant Messenger. The platform facilitates searches for dispensaries, vendors, and employees while enabling private messaging between parties. WeedClub provides consumers with a convenient way to discover local dispensaries and retailers, with access to a secure messaging platform for communication. It’s an ideal place to activate dispensary social media strategies.  Members can connect without revealing personal information. Businesses can showcase their products and services, interact with customers, and generate leads through the platform. To claim their listing, each company must undergo a verification process that reviews licenses and permits. WeedClub’s mission is to provide a safe environment for legitimate cannabis connections. To do this, they offer separate accounts for personal and business use, catering to the needs of both consumers and cannabis industry professionals. 

MJ Link: For Discovering Products and Finding Partners

MJ Link is a cannabis social media platform that enables business-to-business connections within the industry. With thousands of professionals available for search, entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses can connect and collaborate on The platform offers features like sharing pictures, videos, events, special offers, and industry knowledge with colleagues. With initial funding of $1.7 million from investors, MJ Link will likely remain a prominent presence. Paired with the more social platform WeedLife, MJ Link reaches millions of users monthly. Professionals from various sectors of the cannabis industry, including sellers, marketers, growers, attorneys, and product manufacturers, can make valuable connections on MJ Link. The platform offers networking opportunities through news feeds and directory listings, making it an essential resource for anyone involved in the cannabis business. 

WeedLife Network: Discuss Products and Strains in Cannabis Groups

WeedLife, established in 2013, stands as one of the premier cannabis social networks, dubbed “cannabis Facebook” for its vast audience and diverse functionalities. WeedLife’s network spans 120 countries, making it a truly global platform. Catering to consumers and businesses, WeedLife offers a place to discuss products, strains, and industry news. With millions of users worldwide, it serves as a hub for cannabis enthusiasts to share content, engage in forums, and connect over shared interests. While primarily focused on consumer interactions, WeedLife attracts businesses seeking to tap into its extensive user base. Business profiles can promote products, list dispensaries in the directory, and share promotions (without risking a shadow ban), making it a valuable cannabis social media marketing channel for dispensaries and brands. The platform’s user-friendly website and mobile app facilitate seamless networking and communication, allowing users to stay connected, share updates, and exchange messages on the go. 

Weedable: Social Ads on Your Customer’s Device

Weedable is a comprehensive cannabis networking app designed to connect cannabis marketers to cannabis audiences worldwide. With a mobile app that delivers notifications directly to your device, Weedable has the advantage of easy connectivity even on the go. Users can create profiles to engage with fellow cannabis fans, access real-time cannabis-related news, and explore a variety of products. Business users benefit from extensive advertising opportunities, making Weedable a powerful platform for cannabis social media marketing. From sponsored listings and display ads to featured homepage promotions and boosted blogs, Weedable offers a range of advertising options to enhance brand visibility and drive sales. With innovative features such as Weedable 360 profiles and buyable blogs on the horizon, Weedable continues to push the boundaries of cannabis social advertising

MJ Mary Jane: For Collecting Your Thoughts

MJ Mary Jane offers a captivating space tailored for the visually-inclined cannabis enthusiast. With a similar functionality to Pinterest, MJ Mary Jane serves as a hub for connection and sharing. Users can scroll endlessly through a visual feast depicting smokers, growers, flowers, extracts, and other icons of cannabis culture. You can even rate and bookmark your favorite finds to keep track of ideas. With an interface designed for seamless browsing and discovery, this platform encourages users to explore new perspectives, share their experiences, and forge connections within the cannabis community. Whether seeking inspiration or looking to showcase your journey, you’ll want to dive into the immersive world of cannabis imagery, where each click unveils a new discovery in this evolving culture.

420 Magazine Forum: For Medical Marijuana Questions and Answers

420 Magazine Forum originated as a print media outlet in 1993 and has since evolved into a dynamic online platform headquartered in Hollywood, California. With over 100,000 daily visitors and a robust community of 250,000 registered members, this forum is the go-to destination for individuals seeking comprehensive cannabis education, engaging discussions, and up-to-date news. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the plethora of topics or the spirited debates on political issues surrounding cannabis legalization. 420 Magazine Forum is the best place to peruse the latest developments in laws and regulations affecting the industry – especially around medical marijuana.

High There!: The Creative Cannabis Community

High There started in 2015 as a “swipeable” dating and networking app for cannabis enthusiasts. Recently, however, the app has pivoted into a vibrant community-building platform for cannabis networking. With a focus on fostering creativity, connection, and camaraderie among cannabis enthusiasts. High There offers a range of creativity-minded features to inspire users while they build an engaged community. The app boasts a Feed for discovering the latest posts, Discover for finding new creators, Rooms for live chatting, Create & Stories for sharing content, and Profiles for personal representation within the community. High There’s core mission is to provide a digital haven for cannabis enthusiasts, free from censorship and negativity, where users can convene, learn, share, and celebrate cannabis culture. Their audience wants to peruse dispensary social media profiles. By transitioning from a dating app to a community-building platform, High There connects the global cannabis community in an open, inclusive, and empowering way.

Cheech and Chong’s Bowlmates: Chat With Celebrities and Friends 

Have you heard of Bowlmates yet? The exclusive members-only club is the one place cannabis lovers worldwide can connect directly with the iconic comedy duo Cheech and Chong. This paid social forum offers direct access to both celebrities and an active community of cannabis connoisseurs in a closed, members-only setting. As a Bowlmates member, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with other fans, gain access to exclusive collections, and enjoy discounts on all Cheech and Chong merchandise. Additionally, members can participate in a loyalty program, earn points, redeem them for merchandise, and receive discounts on partner brands. Dive into behind-the-scenes content for a rare look into Cheech and Tommy’s lives, and gain exclusive access to meet-n-greets and signings. Engage in monthly competitions to get a chance to meet the comedic duo in person and enjoy exclusive content and live streams, including the opportunity to ask Cheech and Chong for advice. Cannabis professionals should join Bowlmates to become part of an intensely loyal community of cannabis enthusiasts fueled by cultural connections and shared passions.

Reddit: Ask Anonymous Questions and Get Immediate Answers 

Reddit is a thriving hub for cannabis enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of forums, or “subreddits,” catering to every facet of the cannabis experience. With its user-driven content and voting system, Reddit provides an interactive platform where you can discuss, share experiences, and seek advice on cannabis-related questions. In one of the most popular subreddits, r/trees, users share memes, photos, and stories, develop a sense of camaraderie and solidarity among like-minded individuals. r/weedbiz/ is another fantastic subreddit for anyone working in or aspiring to join the legal marijuana and hemp industries. Finally, r/CannabisIndustry is a central Reddit hub for all aspects of the cannabis business.

THCFarmer Forum: Resources for Cannabis Farmers

THCFarmer Forums is a bustling online community driven by a passion for all things cannabis farming. Topics like cultivation, breeding, and extraction methods make this forum a valuable resource for novice growers and seasoned professionals. Dive into discussions on medical cannabis cultivation, where members share insights, tips, and techniques for growing high-quality medicinal marijuana. Explore the cannabis classifieds section, where you can find everything from seeds to pots, nutrients, and lights, connecting with fellow growers to source essential supplies for your grow operation. Read through the cannabis lifestyle forum to explore the broader culture of cannabis. 

myPlanetGanja: Learn about Cannabis (and Life) Maintenance 

PlanetGanja is where the community gathers to exchange knowledge across two distinct forums: the Garden Center and High Society. The Garden Center is a forum dedicated to sharing information on cultivating cannabis and plant maintenance techniques, providing a valuable resource for growers of all levels. Meanwhile, High Society is best for discussing topics such as cooking with cannabis, political issues, and more. 

Marijuana Passion Forum: Cultivate Your Cultivation Skills

Marijuana Passion Forum is another thriving online community dedicated to all things cannabis cultivation. As a premier destination for marijuana growers, this forum offers a wealth of topics to help members hone their skills and share their passion for the plant. The heart of the Marijuana Passion Forum is the cultivation section, where members discuss everything from the basics of growing cannabis to advanced cultivation techniques. A highlight of the forum is their “Bud of the Month” competition, where growers showcase their best buds and compete for recognition and bragging rights. It’s a chance for members to marvel at the stunning diversity and quality of cannabis strains cultivated by their peers.

GrassCity: A Legacy Forum That Shaped Cannabis Culture

Founded in Amsterdam, a city synonymous with cannabis tolerance, GrassCity has a rich lineage intertwined with the evolution of cannabis norms. Conceived initially as Coffeeshop-Amsterdam, a forum for smoking paraphernalia, it evolved over the years, culminating in a merger with Canada’s High Tide in 2018. As the industry grew, so did the forum’s scope, blossoming into a comprehensive hub for cannabis businesses and enthusiasts. Today, GrassCity stands as a testament to the enduring allure of cannabis culture. Boasting nearly 700,000 users, the company recently unveiled a mobile app, solidifying its status as the premier online community for cannabis aficionados. While its origins lie in cultivation, GrassCity has evolved into a multifaceted platform catering to diverse interests within the cannabis sphere. The range of topics offer a wealth of knowledge, from cultivation techniques to product reviews and political discourse.

Cannabis Social Media Marketing: Traditional Channels

How Cannabis Businesses Can Use X (Twitter)

X, the social media platform formerly called Twitter, is one of the best places for cannabis businesses to access a large audience due to its broad reach, real-time engagement, and, now, its cannabis-friendly advertising policy. With a large user base of 528.3 million accounts and an active cannabis community, you can organically reach your target audience and build brand awareness. Unlike most other mainstream platforms, your options don’t stop there. X allows cannabis advertising (read all about cannabis Twitter advertising here) empowering cannabis businesses to promote products, share industry news, and target new followers. You can increase visibility and connect with a massive audience by leveraging Twitter’s cannabis-friendly environment and advertising policy. Read all about the updated cannabis-friendly X policy and view strategies for making the most of your X account

How to use Meta’s Instagram and Facebook for Cannabis Businesses: A Hub for Awareness – Not Sales

Instagram and Facebook offer exciting opportunities for cannabis social media marketing, especially since they now allow advertising for LegitScript Certified CBD products or hemp-based items with less than .3% THC content. While restrictions make advertising a challenge, you can still cultivate an active community. Just remember to avoid posting direct purchase links, which often leads to account removal or shadowbanning. Despite the limitations, Meta provides valuable spaces to engage with your audience, share compelling content, and showcase your brand’s personality. By building genuine connections and providing valuable information, you can navigate the restrictions and leverage Instagram and Facebook for cannabis marketing and building trust with potential consumers.

YouTube: Showcase Your Cannabis Products and Campaigns

“With 2.49 billion monthly logged-in users,” SEM Rush says, “YouTube is the second-most popular social media channel.” While YouTube’s policies may restrict certain types of content, innovative strategies like CANN’s holiday campaign and music video demonstrate how cannabis brands can gain traction on the platform. Despite the platform’s policies against directly selling or facilitating access to regulated goods and services like cannabis, there’s a notable presence of cannabis-related content driven by cannabis influencers. These influencers play a crucial role in reviewing products and directing traffic to brand websites, leveraging YouTube as a guerrilla marketing tactic. The platform is a space where cannabis businesses can showcase their products and campaigns through high-quality videos, even though they wouldn’t typically be allowed on mainstream media channels. It’s worth mentioning that although YouTube doesn’t allow these videos to be served as ads, they can still garner attention and coverage from major media outlets like Forbes. 

LinkedIn: Connect With Cannabis Business Leaders – Not the Plant

Ask any cannabis industry professional where they spend most of their time making connections and reading thought leadership; they’ll say Linkedin. With endless cannabis-focused groups, forums, and ancillary business experts, it’s not merely a job search platform it is a cannabis industry thought leader breeding ground. Linkedin is a cannabis business social network with a vibrant community where industry leaders share insights and expertise, elevating the professionalism and legitimacy of the cannabis sector in mainstream discourse. On LinkedIn, the cannabis community actively engages in discussions on regulations, industry trends, innovations, and best practices.

Cannabis Podcasts: In-Depth Industry Conversations 

Although not technically a social media platform, podcasts offer in-depth discussions, expert interviews, and educational content, building both connections and community. Through podcasts, industry professionals can establish authority by sharing insights and expertise. Listeners develop a sense of trust and loyalty towards podcasts that consistently deliver valuable content, leading to increased brand visibility and audience engagement. Sometimes, podcasts can even facilitate direct interaction with listeners through comments, feedback, and listener Q&A sessions. Naturally flowing conversations encourage community among listeners, who often form dedicated fan bases around their favorite podcasts.

To learn how to market your cannabis business better, you should check out Cannabis Marketing Live! It is a webinar/podcast hosted by MediaJel CEO Jake Litke, who dishes out cannabis marketing strategies and interviews leaders in the cannabis industry. You can browse our podcast topics here and sign up for alerts to join when we launch new webinars. 

Cannabis Dating Sites: Just For Fun

In a time when cannabis consumption is still (unjustly) stigmatized, Cannabis dating sites cater to individuals seeking romantic connections with shared interests in cannabis culture. These platforms provide a judgment-free space where like-minded people can bond over their mutual appreciation for cannabis. By making connections based on a common interest, cannabis dating sites help singles make meaningful connections within the cannabis community.

Socialize, Advertise, and Optimize

Business social networks are crucial in the cannabis industry for networking, collaboration, and growth. With legal and regulatory complexities, these platforms provide a safe space for industry professionals to connect, share insights, and stay updated on industry trends. For continued growth, the cannabis industry must create new partnerships, investment opportunities, and access to resources essential for business success. Want to find your next 100 loyal customers on a social platform? Reach out; we’ll help you create an optimized social media advertising funnel that converts