Case Study

Ethos Grossed $1M in One Month With Google Ads Advertising

Ethos is a modern medical and recreational dispensary chain serving patients in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. They focus on helping patients understand how cannabis can be a healthy part of their lives through their three E’s: Expertise, Empowerment, and Experience.


Build Brand Awareness + Increase Sales

Ethos needed to build brand awareness and drive sales. To grow, the company purchased and rebranded some dispensaries in new markets and they had to make sure people recognized the Ethos name as a high-quality dispensary brand. They wanted to grow their online presence and expand the reach of their e-commerce operations.


To help Ethos grow and create more brand awareness, we used a combination of our services, include our Google Ads AI service. This service combines the expertise of MediaJel with the analytic capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Our AI software pulled in historical data from previous campaigns, trending information from the news and social media, and even weather reports.

We used this vast amount of info to create a variety of ads, including dynamic text ads, smart campaigns, non-brand campaigns, and product campaigns. Our experts managed the ads and use A/B testing for maximum effectiveness.

During March 2021, Ethos’s $89,215 investment in Google Ads led to 7,815 online orders totaling $1.05M. They paid just $11.42 to acquire each customer! 

Growth Powered by Google Ads


Online orders


We transformed Ethos’s initial investment of $89,215 into customer transactions totaling $1.05 million.


That’s a return on ad spend of $11.76!

Supercharge Your Traffic

Score the top spot on Google with a targeted Google Ads campaign powered by the industry’s leading machine learning platform. Our platform scours the internet for the information we need to create the highest converting ads to drive more customers to your cannabis dispensary website.

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