MediaJel & Statara Announce "DemoGraph-NY" for Advertising Compliance with New York State Cannabis Control Board's "90% Rule"

Building on the successful launch of DemoGraph earlier this month, MediaJel and Statara announce the launch of DemoGraph – NY as the cannabis industry meets at “MJ Unpacked” in NYC and the New York State regulated cannabis market continues to bud

NEW YORKApril 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MediaJel, Inc., the leading digital marketing platform for regulated industries and Statara Solutions, LLC, the leading data and marketing solutions provider for identity resolution and age-compliance, today announced the release of DemoGraph-NY to coincide with MJ Unpacked, taking place at the New York Hilton.

DemoGraph’s best-in-industry advertising compliance was successfully implemented for all MediaJel client’s over the past month, including digital ads served over last week’s unofficial cannabis industry holiday, 4/20, and as the NYS Cannabis Control Board implemented packaging, labeling, marketing, and advertising (PLMA) regulations that became effective on March 22.

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“The regulated New York cannabis market is projected to be among the largest in the country and the PLMA regulations were drafted with similar- sized ambitions,” said Statara Principal, Matt Taverna. “Fortunately, we’ve advised staff from the Cannabis Control Board throughout the rulemaking process and we’ve created and implemented DemoGraph to meet this New York– sized moment.”

“DemoGraph allows brands to control their own destiny for age-compliance,” said MediaJel CEO, Jake Litke. “Where previous regulations and best-practices relied on self-certification by the consumer or self-policing by an advertiser, MediaJel and Statara provide safety and compliance from the very start of an ad campaign while optimizing return on ad spend.”

New York State requires cannabis advertisers to have reliable and documented evidence that at least 90% of a digital advertising audience is expected to be twenty-one years of age or older. In addition, the regulations clearly describe what type of digital audiences will be deemed compliant. DemoGraph makes MediaJel and Statara unique in their capability to provide this compliance support while continuing to optimize digital ad spend.

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