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MediaJel Programmatic Advertising Platform Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Data management and compliant marketing solutions provider poised for 2021 growth

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., March 18, 2021 – MediaJel (www.mediajel.com), a leading provider of programmatic marketing software solutions for regulated industries, is celebrating its third year of helping cannabis and CBD brands identify, reach, and engage target consumers. The company’s proprietary compliant and transparent data management platform delivers precision consumer retargeting and attribution technology via a best-in-class user interface and performance dashboards.

With legal U.S. cannabis and CBD revenue projected to reach $66.4B by 2025, the growth vertical presents brand marketers with a unique and rapidly evolving set of obstacles―regulated product categories, inconsistent state and municipal legislation, unsettled advertising guidelines, and lack of access to mainstream digital advertising channels. MediaJel built its cannabis and CBD programmatic advertising platform specifically to address these frustrating challenges and help regulated brands execute scalable digital marketing campaigns that deliver genuine, sustainable business outcomes.

“Cannabis brands face a fragmented ad market, difficult-to-reach consumers, and a patchwork of changing legal requirements,” said Jake Litke, CEO of MediaJel. “We founded MediaJel with a clear mission to provide regulated brands with trustworthy and transparent programmatic solutions that level the digital advertising playing field and deliver high-quality, mainstream marketing opportunities that generate strong returns on ad spend.”

MediaJel.io’s programmatic marketing excellence lies it its ability to deliver precise, transparent, and ethical data that guide actionable campaign insights and improved retargeting. The platform’s combination of advanced geospatial intelligence, AI integration, and retargeting technologies allows cannabis and CBD brands to launch, analyze, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across connected touchpoints: mobile, audio, video, advanced tv, digital, and social. In addition, MediaJel’s extensive network of publisher relationships provides independent and direct access to well-known and sought-after advertising channels.

“People buy from brands they like, and between every digital ad and moment of purchase, there is an individual person and an opportunity for relationship. Our role is to give cannabis and CBD marketers the most powerful digital tools to precisely locate their right targets, curate better audiences, interpret behavior, and begin meaningful consumer engagement to build brand value, grow their consumer base, and achieve their revenue goals,” said Litke.

With deep experience in programmatic software as well as long-standing media partnerships, MediaJel expertly serves brands across all segments of the regulated cannabis and CBD industries.

“Over the past three years, we have experienced amazing growth and change―in programmatic, in cannabis, and here at MediaJel,” Litke said. “We are excited and proud to be celebrating this milestone in our company’s journey and we look forward to new partnerships, new opportunities, and new ways to serve the cannabis and CBD marketplace.”

About MediaJel

MediaJelTM is a data management platform that provides regulated marketing and advertising software solutions. We help cannabis, hemp, and CBD brands engage their target consumers and curate valued relationships during the awareness, consideration, and purchase journey. Built with proprietary technology, the MediaJel.io platform leverages unique actionable data for brands and agencies to effectively execute high-performance marketing campaigns. With Data Ethics at the core of our business, every aspect of our platform is brand safe and compliant for regulated industries. For more information, visit www.MediaJel.com.