Bubbles and a Buzz: The Business of Cannabis Beverages

Can you think of a time you went out on the town and didn’t have a drink in your hand? With the rise in popularity of non-alcoholic beverages and bars, cannabis drinks are poised to shake up the beverage landscape. 

Cannabis bev companies have made leaps and bounds in the past few years using nano-emulsification technology to create more consistent dosing and better tasting, fast-acting products. 

Non-combustible products will pave the way for newcomers and offer a more socially acceptable way to enjoy the benefits of our favorite plant. After all, it is the fastest growing product segment. (BDSA noted that cannabis beverages had 64% growth last year and 27% growth quarter over quarter.) 

But with only 1% of consumers claiming cannabis drinks as their preferred method of consumption, there is no doubt this product segment has a long yet promising road ahead. 

This week we are joined by Ave Miller, Co-Founder of Uncle Arnies, and Rodney Boast, Co-Owner and COO of Ray’s Lemonade, to give the lay of the beverage land and discuss the hurdles this product segment has yet to overcome, how retailers can better support brands, and how startups will hold their ground against big beverage giants. So join us and get an insider view of what it takes to build a cannabis beverage brand and the loyal customer base required to drive revenue.

During the webinar, you will learn about: 

  • Low dose vs. high dose – what will be successful long term
  • Shifting buyer mindsets and consumer education programs
  • Why retailers should end the “gas station model” and shift to an authentic retail experience 
  • Raising $ in the current economic climate

Gain more insight into the trajectory of the cannabis beverage market and save your free webinar spot!

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