Puff, Puff, Post: Cannabis Direct Mail Tactics for Customer Acquisition

With Andrew McGraime, Founder of Canna Direct Mail

Join Andrew McGraime, Founder of Canna Direct Mail, as he shares insights on how his company hypertargets 21+ cannabis consumers with both direct mail and digital touchpoints. He’ll uncover his secrets for designing effective creative, tracking campaign touchpoints, and helping dispensaries leverage their first-party data.

Whether you’re a dispensary looking to expand your customer base or a cannabis brand seeking to elevate your local strategy, this webinar is a must-attend event. Don’t miss your chance to join the “Mail High Club” and learn how Andrew achieves remarkable results for his clients with cannabis direct mail campaigns.

During our 60-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

Attendees will gain valuable strategies for crafting compelling campaigns, tracking touchpoints, and leveraging first-party data. Whether seeking to expand customer bases or elevate local strategies, this webinar offers actionable techniques to achieve tangible results.

Webinar Highlights

Crafting Cannabis Direct Mailers

3:15 – 5:15: Jake Litke, CEO of MediaJel, and Andrew McGraime, Founder of Canna Direct Mail, discuss best practices for crafting effective cannabis direct mail campaigns. Andrew McGraime recommends making the offers impactful, adding them on both sides of the mailer, and sizing the type large enough to grab attention. A mailer should be larger than the other types of mail to make it noticeable against bills and letters. Andrew also highlights the significance of using appropriate imagery and clear language, particularly for cannabis-related promotions, to ensure the recipient recognizes the purpose of the mailer.

Compliant Direct Mail Audience Targeting

7:19- 10:00: Jake Litke and Andrew McGraime tell us about the techniques and strategies used to target compliant audience segments for physical advertising campaigns. Andrew highlights the benefit of leveraging data partnerships to access lists of 21+ cannabis users and modeling against broader demographics for targeted outreach. For cannabis direct mail, verifying age data through government sources is an essential step. 

Additionally, they discuss using first-party data to create audience lists based on top-performing customers. He mentions specific tactics such as targeting retirement communities, Spanish speakers, recent home purchasers, individuals with chronic conditions, and heavy video game users. He also expresses interest in future campaigns targeting soccer moms with tailored creative for edibles or drinks, showcasing the diverse opportunities for effective advertising in the cannabis industry.

Using First-Party Data To Build Lookalike Audiences

34:10 – 35:18: Jake Litke and Andrew McGraime discuss the best methods for leveraging first-party data to enhance direct mail campaigns. Andrew collaborates with platforms like MediaJel to combine data resources and create lookalike profiles. These profiles can improve direct mail and digital campaign targeting, allowing precise segmentation based on consumer demographics and preferences. 

Andrew tailors each message and deals to different segments, such as soccer moms interested in edibles or younger consumers preferring flower products. By understanding their data, businesses can efficiently reach their target audiences and maximize their marketing impact.

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