How to Boost Cannabis Concentrates Sales for the 710 Holiday

Get Found Easily & Drive Sales

Concentrate sales are on the rise, and it’s no surprise. With more people feeling comfortable with cannabis use, experimentation with consumption methods is sure to rise. Why not help your customers learn more about these powerful products?

The 710 holiday is the perfect opportunity to dive headfirst into cannabis concentrates and share the love with your customers. With in-person and online events and a strong digital marketing strategy to share your message far and wide, you can continue to propel your business forward and supercharge your sales.

Join our 30-minute webinar and learn:

  1. 710 party ideas your customers will love
  2. Creative product promotion ideas and the best way to share them digitally
  3. A useful tool you can implement to make educating your customers even easier

This 710 will be your best one yet!

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