How to Identify and Boost Underperforming MSO Locations

Strengthen Your Weakest Link and Get More Sales

How do I know which of my dispensaries is underperforming?

That’s the question we get the most from MSOs. Why? Because it’s not as clear cut as it seems. You can’t compare an urban dispensary with a suburban dispensary—they just aren’t the same.

Every dispensary needs its own marketing strategy. What works at one, won’t always work at another. By learning more about your underperforming locations, you can find the key to boosting their sales and implement strategies that will lead to higher ROIs.

Watch our 30-minute webinar and learn:

  1. The metrics you need to check across your dispensaries
  2. How to use that data to create a unique strategy
  3. The highest ROI tools that will boost your sales

Don’t settle for the status quo—take your lower-performing stores and give them the boost they need to sell more.

Here’s a Preview of the Webinar:

[8:26] Do you understand your addressable market? That’s the starting point for boosting a low-performing store.
[11:02] These are the in-store KPIs you need to be tracking.
[15:25] And don’t forget these online KPIs!
[17:31] You know what to track. Here’s how to use it.
[19:15] Learn about the tools that will help you boost your sales.

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