Fight Dispensary Shopping Cart Abandonment with Win-Back Campaigns

Use These Tactics to Get Customers Back

Abandoned shopping carts are an online business’s worst nightmare. All of that work to get a customer to shop with you, only to have it wiped away when they disappear without checking out.

But what if it’s not goodbye?

What if you can recapture those customers and get them to come back and shop with you?

That’s the goal of win-back campaigns—and they’re crucial for ensuring that everything you invest into customer acquisition isn’t lost.

Retargeting customers that have failed to check out can help you increase your revenue. Plus, by addressing common pain points that lead to dispensary shopping cart abandonment, you can also minimize the number of abandoned carts your dispensary has to deal with.

During our 30-minute dispensary shopping cart abandonment webinar, and you’ll learn:

  1. Why dispensary shopping cart abandonment is so detrimental to your business
  2. The reasons your potential customers are jumping ship at checkout
  3. How to get started with win-back campaigns that will let you recapture that lost revenue

Don’t let those shopping cart dollars slip away!

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