Powerful Cannabis eCommerce Marketing Strategies To Drive Customer Retention

With Peter Kasper, Founder of Terpli.io

The influx of corporate CPG experts, retail strategists, and C-Suite execs in the cannabis industry means that legacy entrepreneurs launching mainstream businesses need to seriously flex their cannabis eCommerce marketing muscles. 

Due to the increasingly competitive market, now more than ever, businesses need to understand and develop a strong  cannabis eCommerce marketing strategy that includes a unique selling proposition, an intimate understanding of target markets, and creating an engaging digital buyer journey model. 

If you can build out all of the above, you are still marketing to a brand-agnostic audience pool that may be too intimidated to visit a dispensary and learn about products from budtenders

But, if you understand how to build value into the buyer’s journey for a cannacurious archetype, you can increase sales for your cannabis and CBD products in a safe, supportive environment and learn more about your audience’s preferences during the process. 

Who better to tackle the customer journey model than Peter Kasper from Terpli.io? He literally built the tech to facilitate engaging web interactions and educate cannabis customers about the variety of products on the market and their many effects. 

During this week’s webinar, we will learn how to hand the cannabis customer the reigns to reveal their desires and buyer behaviors, so you can create valuable marketing touchpoints that increase revenue and keep your customers coming back for more.

During the webinar, you will learn how to: 

  • Map out the cannabis customer journey and build engaging, educational brand interactions
  • Convince customers that your products are the best solution for their needs.
  • eCommerce customer acquisition and retention strategies 

Understand your consumers better, build out touchpoints that solve their pain points, and create better customer experiences for your cannabis consumers. Join us, and build your cannabis eCommerce marketing strategy!

Webinar Highlights

Appealing to Diverse Customers with Hyperlocal Marketing

25:53 – 28:54: Jake Litke, CEO of MediaJel, and Peter Kasper, CEO of Terpli, discuss their marketing approach for local cannabis retailers. They compared this retail style to a blend of Amazon’s reach and Doordash’s delivery model, emphasizing the necessity for distinct marketing strategies catering to regionalized products and hyperlocal marketing experiences.

Jake Litke talks about the evolution of consumer behavior towards local shopping experiences versus online nationwide purchasing. He discusses how cannabis retailers navigate the niche and variable nature of cannabis consumer demographics with innovative marketing approaches. 

Peter Kasper underlined the importance of understanding local markets and targeting diverse consumer segments within those areas. Marketers must tailor their plans to engage the fickle and bargain-driven cannabis consumer. Retention and engagement strategies are just as crucial in an environment where consumer loyalty is low, and competition among retailers remains high.

Personalizing Cannabis Marketing Recommendations from Aggregated Data Points

36:16 – 38:40: Jake Litke and Peter Kasper explore the intricacies of consumer engagement and product recommendations. Peter Kasper shared his initial encounter with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), highlighting its significance in understanding product testing for legal cannabis sales.

Peter discovered that cannabinoid and terpene profiles provided a wealth of information he could harness to shape the consumer experience. He explains how aggregating chemistry data and user reviews established the backbone for Terpli’s platform to personalize and rank cannabis inventory.

Jake Litke explains the incorporation of new customers into Terpli’s data set. He touched upon the transition into legal cannabis for consumers exposed only to illicit markets. They illuminate how a data-driven approach guides a personalized experience for the first-time user when navigating the breadth of legal cannabis offerings.

Optimizing the Cannabis Customer’s eCommerce Marketing Experience

42:17 – 45:17: Jake Litke and Peter Kasper discuss optimizing the e-commerce flow for a dispensary’s display campaign, using Sozo as an example. Jake prompted Peter to detail the typical buyer’s journey from seeing an ad to purchasing products, emphasizing the importance of guiding consumers through the process.

Peter outlines the best applications for their product and the necessity of guiding users through the interface. He explains the usual flow:

  • Landing on the site
  • Receiving recommendations from Terpli
  • Exploring product detail pages (PDP)
  • Adding items to the cart
  • Purchasing recommended products

Jake describes this process as a guiding hand for consumers, simplifying the complex e-commerce experience. Peter agreed, noting the importance of aiding consumers who might need an in-depth understanding of the product. Terpli’s tools ensure a positive consumer experience in online cannabis shopping.

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