$1M Cannabis Marketing Return on Investment Case Study

Cannabis MSO Advertising Strategies

Join us as we walk through our most successful cannabis MSO case studies and the marketing strategies that resulted in significant ROI.

Joined by our top MediaJel strategists in SEO, Google Ads, and Programmatic Display Ads, we will examine the campaign types, timelines, and budgets required to see a significant return on ad spend.

During our 60-minute webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Defining your cannabis marketing goals and designing campaigns that drive serious ROAS
  • The tech, budget, and marketing plan you’ll need in place to generate a $1M ROAS
  • Understanding multi-touch attribution and tracking your advertising metrics

Whether your goals are to grow your online presence, increase in-store traffic, or boost e-commerce conversions, understanding how to scale your advertising strategy to meet your marketing objectives is crucial.

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