From Browsing to Buying: Immersive In-Store Experiences That Convert Cannabis Customers

with Jonathon Black and Brooke Mangum of Cheech and Chong

Welcome to the future of cannabis retail customer experiences, where dispensary visitor engagement and brand loyalty are not just buzzwords but the cornerstones of a successful business. 

Specializing in creating immersive in-store experiences and innovative cannabis retail displays  that captivate visitors from the moment they walk through the door not only results in customers purchasing more than initially intended but increased brand loyalty. According to an Adobe study, well-designed customer experiences can increase basket sizes by up to 60%.

In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, the pressure to differentiate has never been more intense. That’s where Jonathan Black, CEO, and Brooke Mangum, CMO of Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company step in, bringing a proven track record of transforming ordinary retail spaces into extraordinary experiences. 

During this week’s webinar, we will hone in on the details for creating engaging, and immersive spaces to deliver experiences so unique and memorable, dispensary visitors won’t just be impressed—they’ll become your biggest brand advocates.

During this 60 min webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The Importance of Customer Engagement
  • How to Build Brand Loyalty Through Immersive Experiences
  • Differentiating Your Brand in a Competitive Market

Why settle for the status quo when you can revolutionize your retail space and build a community of loyal customers? Strengthen relationships with your retailers and help make their store a destination turning customers into brand advocates.

Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the untapped potential of your cannabis or CBD brand. 

Webinar Highlights

Cannabis Retail Design and Community Integration with Cheech and Chong

14:15 – 20:43: Jake Litke, CEO of MediaJel with Jonathan Black, CEO and Brooke Mangum, CMO of Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis brand, discuss their unique approach to retail and marketing in the cannabis industry. Their philosophy centers around two main ideas: representing the heart of Cheech and Chong’s legacy while also giving each community a welcoming place to gather. By intimately understanding their customer base and resonating with the distinct culture of each community, they provide engaging education and tailored customer experiences for seasoned consumers and canna-curious audiences.

Bridging the Cannabis Generational Gap: Cheech and Chong’s Approach to Engaging Audiences on Social Media

00:20:45 – 00:24:03: Jonathan Black, CEO, and Brooke Mangum, CMO of Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis brand, bridge generational gaps by focusing on comedy, education, entertainment, and authenticity. Brooke describes their social media strategy as “Keeping the authenticity of what the guys [Cheech and Chong] have always done.” Through entertainment and education, they share the positive impact cannabis has on culture and community. She also shares how Tommy Chong still enjoys doing TikTok reels, which gives people a glimpse into Cheech and Chong’s life while maintaining the brand’s comedic voice. Because their grassroots strategy connects with cannabis lovers, their social media attracts new audiences and loyal customers who actively engage with the brand.

Key Metrics for Cannabis Marketing Success: Customer Lifetime Value and ROI

42:16 – 48:01: Jake Litke, CEO of MediaJel, with Jonathan Black, CEO, and Brooke Mangum, CMO of Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis brand, discuss the cannabis industry key performance indicators (KPIs) that have been pivotal for their success. What makes their analysis different? They emphasize that retail and e-commerce are two distinct business models that cannabis marketers must consider separately. 

Jonathan Black highlights the significance of having a strong Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) to ensure profitability. He also stresses the importance of customer lifetime value as a critical metric. While it may be easy to attract one-time customers with celebrity endorsements, retaining customers requires a superior customer experience, which includes in-store support, continued advertising engagement, and product quality.

They explore why some players overlook retention marketing despite its power to increase revenue and profitability. Jake adds to the discussion by pointing out that many dispensary owners focus on short-term goals due to immediate financial pressures, such as paying rent and bills. Still, cannabis businesses can’t ignore the importance of investing in brand equity and customer retention, even when it may be challenging to do so in the short term.

Together, they underscore the importance of retaining customers over time, as these loyal customers can provide ongoing revenue and build brand recognition, which is crucial for a brand’s long-term success, particularly in the cannabis industry.

Brooke also examines the complexity of analyzing various metrics. To make customers happy, which is the ultimate goal of any CPG business, they must leverage a deep understanding of their market through data analysis. 

Lastly, the conversation explores their approach to managing marketing challenges in the cannabis industry, including changing regulations, the need to adapt quickly, and diversifying strategies to navigate a highly regulated industry.

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