Product Release: How to Maximize Sales with Multi Touch Attribution Reports

Connecting The Dots Between Spend and Revenue

MediaJel’s cannabis retail marketing dashboard is here to solve your attribution headaches. 

It’s one thing to launch a marketing campaign, it’s another to accurately attribute revenue. 

If you can’t determine how well your cannabis digital marketing initiatives are performing, allocating budgets will be an uphill battle.

Here at MediaJel, we’re on a mission to revolutionize digital marketing for cannabis brands and retailers, and setting revenue attribution as an industry standard is a key step for marketing success.

Learn how to make smarter marketing decisions, use your budgets more effectively, and gain insight into campaigns that are influencing sales.

We will deep dive into our cannabis retail marketing dashboard and show you the revenue attribution reports your business requires to prove marketing budgets and scale ad campaigns.

Start investing in the marketing channels that actually drive sales for your business, we will show you how. 

During our 30 min webinar, you’ll discover: 

  • Invest where it matters: Budgeting ad spend for marketing channels outside of Weedmaps
  • Campaign optimization tactics based on revenue attribution 
  • Examples of fully operational multi-touch reporting dashboards

This webinar showcases it all, get a sneak peek of our marketing dashboard product releases and how we attribute revenue to SEO, Paid Search, and Programmatic Display Ad campaigns. 

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